Cross Section Polishing Made Easy with the CP-8000+

The CP-8000+ from COXEM is a sophisticated sample preparation tool that helps etch a cross-section of a sample with the help of an argon ion beam. This process prevents structural damage and physical deformation and does not need chemical processes that are hard to perform.

Additionally, the system streamlines the cross-sectional analysis of the sample by processing large areas ranging from tens of um to several mm.


Mechanical Polishing (Before).

Mechanical Polishing (Before). Image Credit: COXEM Co., Ltd.

Ion Beam Polishing (After)

Ion Beam Polishing (After). Image Credit: COXEM Co., Ltd.

Ar Ion Milling System.

Ar Ion Milling System. Image Credit: COXEM Co., Ltd.

Focused ion beam system

Focused ion beam system. Image Credit: COXEM Co., Ltd.


Source: COXEM Co., Ltd.

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Gas Used Ar(Argon) gas
Milling Speed 700 μm/h (Si at 8 kV)
Accelerating Voltage 2~8 kV
Beam Diameter Approx. 500 μm
Working Pressure 4.3 x 10-5 torr
Beam Alignment Precision beam alignment using Digital Microscope
Maximum Sample Size 20 (W) x 10 (D) x 9 (H) mm
Sample Moving Range (Z: ±2 mm, Y: ±2 mm)
Stage Swing Rotation -35° ~ +35°
Stage for Flat Milling Tilt Range : 40° to 80°
Rotation Speed : 6 rpm/min
Sample Size : Ø30 x 11.4mm
Display Touch panel (1024 x 600 7 inch display)
Chamber Camera Magnification : x5, x10, x20, x40
4 step brightness control
Ion beam observation mode
Digital Camera for sample alignment Magnification : x5, x10, x20, x40
USB type
Evacuation System Turbo-molecular pump (66 L/s)
+ Diaphragm pump
Dimension 610 (W) x 472 (D) x 415 (H) mm

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