HazardWatch Fire and Gas System

The HazardWatch Fire and Gas System available from MSA is an innovative, modular instrument that integrates extremely reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) technology with the company’s sophisticated gas and flame field devices.

The system is extremely scalable, rendering it well-suited for compact systems to huge plant-wide applications. The software and controller hardware configuration of the HazardWatch System offers reliability, flexibility, and intelligence and has been tested by Factory Mutual to validate NFPA 72 compliance.


  • FM-certified fire network enables users to network numerous HazardWatch systems together
  • Both gas and fire functions are certified to NFPA 72 by FM
  • Touchscreen interface (10.4″) offers an easy-to-use graphical interface and assists plot plans
  • FM-certified Ethernet, ControlNet, or Modbus output from the system
  • Field wiring topology is reliable, simple, and economical

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