EV9 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer from MicroSense

The EV9 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer can reach fields up to 26 kOe at a sample space of 5 mm and 21.5 kOe with the temperature chamber in place. That makes this the highest field VSM of this size. To reach similar fields with VSMs made by other brands, you typically need a model with a much larger and heavier magnet. This also makes this a more cost effective choice for high field magnetic measurements.

This VSM model can measure liquid, powder, solid, bulk, and thin film samples and is supplied with sample holders for all these types of samples. The excellent real world low noise performance make this VSM the perfect choice for samples with a low magnetic moment.

Due to a highly efficient magnet power supply design, no water cooling is needed for the electronics and because the electromagnet only needs water cooling for  operation at high fields, the VSM can operate at a medium duty cycle or at low fields without the need for a water chiller. For many measurements this eliminates a source of acoustic noise from the lab environment. Also, removing water cooling from high power electronics makes this system inherently safer than water cooled power supply designs.

Temperature options are available providing a temperature range from 4.2K to 1050K. Unique to the MicroSense system is the fact that the sample temperature chamber is always ready for use installed on a slide on the magnet base. This means that one can switch to temperature dependent magnetic measurements simply by flipping a lever. In competing systems the temperature chamber is typically removed from the system when not in use, which makes switching back and forth more cumbersome.

Included with the system are all the options needed to run including the EasyVSM software which is easy to use for simple measurements yet powerful enough for the most complicated measurements you can think of.

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