The UltraMap 200-BP Automated Wafer Thickness and Flatness Metrology System from MicroSense

The UltraMap 200-BP is a flexible wafer measurement system that is capable of measuring wafer thickness, shape and flatness using MicroSense's patented non-contact auto-probe back pressure technology.

The UltraMap 200-BP can determine a wide variety of wafer materials and wafer thicknesses. The surface finish of the wafer does not affect the measurement. This versatile system measures as lapped, sawn or polished wafers.

The UltraMap 200-BP can measure thin wafers down to 50µm and thick wafers as thick as 3mm. All these is achieved quickly and efficiently without the complex and time consuming adjustment of the measurement device.

In addition, a wide range of wafer holders are also available with the system. One or more wafer holders can be used based on the diameter and thickness of the wafers being measured on the system. Substrates and wafers can be either square or round and measure up to 200mm in length.

Key Features

The main features of the UltraMap 200-BP include:

  • Measures both thick and thin wafers
  • Measures any substrate or wafer irrespective of the optical or electrical characteristics of the wafer
  • Measures wafers with up to +/- 2500µm of warp
  • 0.5µm absolute thickness measurement accuracy on wafers with less than 500µm bow
  • 1.5µm absolute thickness accuracy on wafers with greater than 500µm and less than 1000µm bow
  • High repeatability, non-contact air bearing stage for repeatable wafer positioning
  • Auto calibration of back pressure sensors with built-in calibration standards
  • Available in three configurations: Freestanding, autoloading system with robot and two cassettes; fully auto sorting system with robot and up to 6 cassettes; and manual loading bench top system
  • System options include wafer pre-aligner, wafer holders for a wide range of wafer thicknesses and diameters, OCR reader (one side or two sides) and SECS/GEM

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