Automated Sapphire LED Wafer Metrology System for Sapphire Measurement from MicroSense

MicroSense has launched an advanced sapphire wafer metrology system that is capable of measuring sapphire wafers with any surface finish with high repeatability and high throughput.

The UltraMap C200 automated sapphire LED substrate measurement system is suitable for process control during sapphire substrate fabrication, incoming quality control at HB-LED chip fabs, and final inspection of sapphire substrates.

The UltraMap C200 offers throughput of ninety 6” diameter sapphire wafers per hour with lowest cost of ownership. It uses MicroSense’s two sided capacitive sensing technology to measure the thickness of sapphire wafers, total thickness variation, local thickness variation, warp and bow.

Key Features

The main features of the UltraMap C200 are:

  • Fast, precise sapphire wafer measurements
  • High resolution wafer mapping
  • High throughput and high repeatability
  • Measures sapphire wafers in any condition, with no decrease in tool throughput
  • Uses two sided capacitive sensing technology to measure sapphire wafer thickness, TTV, LTV, bow and warp
  • Increases sapphire wafer yield
  • High density sapphire wafer measurement data
  • Lower production cost
  • Lowest cost of ownership

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