The BeDensi T Series: A Tapped Density Meter

The BeDensi T series tapped density meter apparatus from Bettersize Instruments contains BeDensi T1 (one cylinder), BeDensi T2 (two cylinders) and BeDensi T3 (three cylinders).

The BeDensi T1, T2 and T3 can quantify tapped density for one, two, or three powder samples simultaneously. The BeDensi T series conforms to the United States Pharmacopeia for drug tapped density testing and the international standard ISO 3953: 2011.


  • Amplitude of vibration: 3 mm
  • Repeatability accuracy: ≤1%
  • Cylinder volume: 25 and 100 mL
  • Maximum counter reading: 9999
  • Frequency of vibration: 100/minute to 300/minute

Tapped Density Meter

Tapped density is achieved by vibrating a unique container loaded with a suitable amount of powder at special amplitude and frequency, and subsequently capturing the readings when the powder volume no longer decreases. The weight of the powder can be later divided by volume.

Tapped density meter is a unique device used to find out the tapped density of powder and includes modules of driving, control, timing and operating.

This precise and powerful device is characterized by modifiable tapping frequency (to be used in different sectors), simple operation, and has turned out to be the perfect tapped density determiner in the powder sectors of metallic powder, non-metallic powder, abrasives, battery materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even scientific research fields.


Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

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