The Bettersizer ST: Laser Particle Size Analyzer for Quality Control

The Bettersizer ST is an automated laser diffraction particle size analyzer that has been specifically designed for industrial quality control. Its patented Dual Lens Optical System (DLOS) ensures consistent and reliable particle size distribution results with a measurement range from 0.1 to 1000μm.

Learn How Bettersizer ST can Help with Your Quality Control in 2 Minutes

Video credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and automated analysis procedures have been developed to help users save precious time for quality inspection. Users can skip complicated operations with Bettersizer ST: Just click “Start,” add the sample and the Bettersizer ST will provide the particle size distribution analysis for users.

Measurement consistency allows us to verify the outcome of the process without worrying about measurement errors. The system performance and reliability are excellent in manufacturing process of CaCO3. Auto-cleaning between samples is also made easy by Bettersizer ST. It has a very simple and intuitive user interface. Tests can be conducted by multiple production personnel due to its ease of use.

Sadia Munawer, QC Manager, Shaheen Grinding Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

Bettersizer ST Features at a Glance

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Innovative DLOS Technology

The DLOS is a patented optical system designed by Bettersize Instruments. In DLOS, one single laser source and two large Fourier lenses are used, and the combination of wide-angle forward, lateral and backward photodetectors enables consistent and precise outcomes with a measurement ranging from 0.1 to 1000μm.

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.


  • High resolution and precision guaranteed by two big Fourier lenses
  • Compact design avoids the need to use folding optics
  • Measurement range can be expanded with 86 high-speed photodetectors
  • Continuous incident light with consistent wavelength offered by one single laser source


  • Measurement range — 0.1 to 1000 μm
  • Avoid Misalignment — The small design of DLOS eliminates folding optics that are vulnerable to misalignment
  • More reliable results — Only one laser source is used to offer a continuous scattering spectrum with consistent wavelength
  • Cost-efficient — Reliable outcomes without a second laser source results in cost-efficiency

Excellent Accuracy

Accuracy Verification of Standards

Duke standard samples were measured separately by the Bettersizer ST, showing the distribution peak in the correct position and narrow distribution with high accuracy. Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

The red line is the nominal size range of standards ± 1.0%, and the black dots are the measured sizes. As shown in the figure, the measurement accuracy of Bettersizer ST for standards is within 1%. Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

The operation and measurement procedure of Bettersizer ST is convenient and easy-to-follow, it helps us build an accuracy benchmark of the measurement result, which has revolutionized the quality of our products.

Liaoning Meishuo Mineral Products Co., Ltd.

Outstanding Repeatability

Remarkable repeatability offered by Bettersizer ST guarantees the reliability of outcomes. Quick measurements with consistent and reliable results can ease the workload of users on quality control.

Excellent repeatability ensured by:

  • Efficient dispersion system
  • Stability of signal transmission systems
  • Up to 3500 times/second signal acquiring rate
  • Automatic alignment that maintains the instrument always in optimum condition

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Repeatability Tests

The excellent repeatability of Bettersizer ST is illustrated by the two consecutive tests depicted below:

Aluminum Oxide

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Sample Name D05 (µm) D10 (µm) D50 (µm) D90 (µm) D95 (µm)
Aluminum Oxide - 1 1.337 2.211 8.693 22.30 29.10
Aluminum Oxide - 2 1.352 2.212 8.655 22.24 29.27
Aluminum Oxide - 3 1.364 2.260 8.789 22.59 29.50
Aluminum Oxide - 4 1.444 2.309 8.809 22.69 29.66
Aluminum Oxide - 5 1.360 2.233 8.744 22.42 29.39
Aluminum Oxide - 6 1.388 2.251 8.738 22.35 29.31
RSD 2.77% 1.63% 0.66% 0.78% 0.66%

Titanium Dioxide

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Sample Name D05 (µm) D10 (µm) D50 (µm) D90 (µm) D95 (µm)
Titanium Dioxide - 1 0.454 0.534 1.158 16.08 22.36
Titanium Dioxide - 2 0.454 0.534 1.158 16.23 22.65
Titanium Dioxide - 3 0.453 0.534 1.158 16.20 22.68
Titanium Dioxide - 4 0.454 0.534 1.158 16.28 22.72
Titanium Dioxide - 5 0.452 0.532 1.157 16.31 22.76
Titanium Dioxide - 6 0.454 0.534 1.156 16.22 22.65
RSD 0.18% 0.15% 0.07% 0.49% 0.63%

The instrument has very good stability. We are now at the stage of new product research and development, most of the samples are in flake structure, and Bettersizer ST helps us measure the particle size differences of different batches, which is helpful for our R&D and product quality control.

Daoming Optics & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Ease Users’ Workload in all Aspects

The Bettersize software offers numerous functions that considerably decrease the workload of users.

I. Intuitive Software

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

SOP is a simple solution for standardized and automatic testing. It guarantees that the measurement results are reliable, objective and operator-independent.

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

II. Intelligent Data Evaluation for Quality Control

(Left) “Data Evaluation” function to customize standards. (Right) “Data Evaluation” report provides a quick snapshot of users’ sample so that they can easily determine if their sample meets the QC requirement and identify where it’s disqualified. Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

III. Performance Validation

Thanks to the independent Performance Validation function, the software can automatically produce reports in accordance with ISO 13320 and pharmacopeias.

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

IV. System Inspection

Diagnostic scan: System inspection checklist.

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Cost-Efficiency and Robustness

Outstanding Robustness

  • Combined casting of the bottom plate to safeguard the instrument
  • Comes with a long-life fiber semiconductor laser source
  • Precise measurements can be reached even after a robustness test
  • Power-adjustable ultrasonic disperser along with dry run protection
  • Durable circulation tank available with casted stainless steel

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Compact Design

  • Users can save valuable workspace for factories and laboratories with the help of an internal wet dispersion system
  • The DLOS guarantees result accuracy and reliability while preventing folding optics that are vulnerable to misalignment

Simple Maintenance

  • Easy disassembly of sample cells enables fast cleaning, which can be easily accessed without professional tools and too many cleaning formulations
  • It is very simple to tailor the auto-cleaning process in the software
  • Auto-cleaning function available for the circulation tank greatly simplifies the maintenance work

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Entry-level price for a laser particle size analyzer is available
  • A measurement range that covers a majority of the applications can be realized with the help of DLOS without extra charges for a second laser source

This unit is very straightforward in its uses, has a good software and is simple to operate for various parameters. Bettersizer ST is compact compared to a lot of instruments! Overall, I found this product to be good value for the money.

Arfan Firdaos, QC Supervisor, Clariant Specialty Chemicals Indonesia


Image credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.


  • Building Materials
  • Minning and Minerals
  • Agrochemical
  • Ceramics
  • Batteries
  • Abrasives
  • Chemicals
  • Paints and Pigments
  • Plastics
  • Metals

Image Credit: Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

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