The Highest Mass Resolution with PTR-TOF 10k for PTR Technology

The latest PTR-TOF 10k system provides the highest mass resolution available combined with the original IONICON TRU-E/N PTR technology.

The system, loaded with the new ioniTOF 10k mass analyzer, delivers a remarkable mass resolution ranging from 10000 to 15000 m/Δm. Difficult-to-process samples and complex gas matrices were considered while designing the PTR-TOF 10k.

The system is capable of offering additional insights which are key to the analysis. The system can also separate and identify more substances than any lower resolution PTR-TOF is capable of.

The system operation depends on the reliable, strong and field-proven PTR technology, which is trusted by hundreds of IONICON PTR-MS users. The system also qualifies for the TRU-E/N label.

Accurate E/N conditions, the highest possible grade of quantification precision and well-reproducible measurements are maintained by the system using the patented IONICON ion-chemistry quality.


  • Sensitivity: >1000 cps/ppbv
  • Detection limit: <1 pptv
  • Mass resolution: >10000

Technical Specifications

Source: IONICON Analytik

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Mass resolution >10000 m/Δm (FWHM) for m/z >181
Response time <100 ms
Sensitivity >1000 cps/ppbv for m/z 181
Detection limits for m/z 181 <10 pptv (in 1 sec)
<1 pptv (in 60 sec)
Linearity range 1 pptv - 100 ppbv
Adjustable flow 50 - 800 sccm
Inlet system heating range 40 - 180 °C
(2nd inlet system and other inlet options on request)
Reaction chamber heating range 40 - 120 °C
Weight <180 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d) 60x135x80 cm
Power supply 115/230 V, standby/typical operation: <400/600-900 W
Interfaces - Touchscreen display
8x DI/O, 2x AI, 2x AO
Selected optional features & Accessories - SRI/SRI+ options - SRI-MS technology
- Multiplexing units
Find more options, application specific inlet systems and accessories here

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