Custom Column Packing Services from Sorbent Technologies

Despite the wide array of chemistries and column configurations in Sorbtech's extensive portfolio, the company understands that users' unique applications may demand a more tailored and focused solution to precisely meet your requirements.

The primary objective of the customer-centric column packing service is to address the challenging 1% of analytes. In these cases, standard hardware and bonded materials fail to deliver the essential results needed for specific work.

Sorbtech Custom Columns

Sorbtech provides custom packing in standard and non-standard column configurations and specialty-modified chemistries across the SFC, HPLC, and Flash column systems.

Moreover, they offer the capability to pack resins from other manufacturers or unique media in various column IDs and lengths.

The team addresses users' needs, provides product suggestions, or works with users on altered ligand bonding for particular applications.

Each column undergoes rigorous testing and is delivered with a performance chromatogram. The services remain competitively priced and offer expedited production options when necessary.

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