Discover the Sorbent Rocket™ – A TLC Development Chamber

The Sorbtech Rocket is a cutting-edge, durable small-scale TLC development chamber that offers safer, more effective, and more efficient handling of TLC. The Rocket is simple to operate:

  1. Just take off the lid
  2. A small amount of solvent is dispensed
  3. Place the TLC plate in the solvent trough
  4. Cover–and blast off

Save Lab Time and Money

  • A reduction of 80–85% in solvent use
  • Reduced solvent eliminates RF overruns
  • The overall operation takes less time
  • Results are much more reliable from test to test
  • The TLC plate is maintained in the same orientation at all times
  • The white background and rocket form make visualization simple
  • Created for TLC plates that are 2.5 × 7.5 cm (1 × 3 in)
  • Can be used with glass, plastic, or aluminum-backed plates
Sorbtech Rocket - small scale TLC development chamber

Video Credit: Sorbent Technologies, Inc.

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