Increased Speed and Efficiency with Sorbtech Flash Cartridges

Using Sorbtech Purity Pre-Packed and EZ Flash (empty) flash chromatography cartridges, often known as flash columns, users can accelerate their research while maximizing the power of the budget. These columns, made of solvent-resistant polypropylene, can withstand rigorous purifying conditions.

Advantages of Pre-Packed vs. Self-Packed

  • Purifications that are completed faster and at a higher pressure
  • With finer particle silica, sample loading is increased
  • Ensures repeatability run to run with steady packing
  • Removes the risk of glass column breakage

Purity™ Pre-Packed

Purity Pre-Packed. Image Credit: Sorbent Technologies, Inc.

Features of Sorbtech Purity Flash Cartridges

  • Exclusive packaging methods improve speed, resolution, and loading capacity
  • Pressures of up to 400 psi are possible with the leak-free cartridge
  • Cartridges contain Premium Rf Silica Gel, which improves chromatographic findings
  • The presence of a uniform, homogeneous bed inhibits solvent channeling
  • Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 g to 3 kg, all with the same adsorbent

EZ Empty Flash Cartridge.

EZ Empty Flash Cartridge. Image Credit: Sorbent Technologies, Inc.

Features of Sorbtech EZ Flash Columns

  • Simplicity of use, using a screw top design
  • Packable with adsorbents of the user’s choice
  • Replaceable frits at a reasonable cost enable flash column repacking
  • Polypropylene is solvent-resistant and can sustain pressures of up to 200 psi

Full Compatibility with Most Flash Systems

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Interchim
  • Grace Discovery Sciences
  • Buch systems
  • Sorbtech EZ Flash System
  • SepaBean Machine
  • Teledyne Isco
  • Biotage

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