Brueckner to Present Innovative Plastic Film Solutions at Chinaplas 2009

More and more Chinese film producers are seeking to diversify their product program to meet future market demands. At Chinaplas 2009 (Booth 5.1 E 51) Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG presents innovative solutions for an efficient, highly flexible and profitable production of added value films in large and small lots.

Solutions for high performance BOPET film
Whether focusing on high efficient production of packaging film or getting into the optical film grades up to 400 µm - Brückner offers numerous solutions for BOPET film producers. Brückner`s MDO technology with soft drive system and online tension monitoring is trend-setting for the production of added value BOPET films. The MDO 2-gap stretching section leads to unique stretching ratios of 4.5 : 1 or even above. Thus, compared to the benchmark technology, films with improved mechanical properties in MD direction and better optical properties can be produced.

Furthermore the multi-gap stretching provides high uptime, high production speed at lower pinning speed - avoiding costly pinning agents - and hence high output and optimal stability. All in all: utmost efficiency.

Efficient and flexible BOPP lines
Line layouts for outputs above 6,000 kg/hour, production speeds up to 525 m/min and line widths up to 10m and above – these unique figures and more than 120 installed Brückner BOPP lines in China clearly demonstrate Brückner`s position within the Chinese film markets.

BOPA film lines for trend-setting applications
BOPA film meets nearly all expectations of modern first class applications, whether food or non food. After several years of overcapacity the market starts to turn and demand is matching or even exceeding production capacities. Thus, Brückner`s advanced and unique process and stretching technologies are first choice for new investments:

  • High speeds and unrivalled line widths up to 5 m
  • Sequential or simultaneous mode
  • High performance air knife pinning system

Expertise for the production of ultra-thin capacitor film
Currently nearly 30 Brückner capacitor film lines are successfully in operation worldwide – more than from any other supplier. Chinese film producers will benefit from a vast expertise in both, sequential and simultaneous stretching:

  • Films in a thickness as low as 0.5 µm
  • Production speeds: 350 - 400 m/min
  • 100% clean room suitability
  • Twin screw technology, optimizing the extrusion process
  • Precise direct drives, ideal for sensitive thin-film production

Extra large output of CPP and APET films
In view of the trend towards cast film lines with wider working widths, higher speeds and output, Brückner offers sophisticated and highly efficient cast and sheet extrusion lines:

  • High-speed CPP lines with working widths from 3.2 m to 6 m and net output from 1,000 up to 2,500 kg/h: e.g. lamination films, textile packaging, cut flower wrapping, twist wrap film, candy wrap, stand-up pouches
  • Roll stack lines for A-PET or PET-G with output capacities ranging from 1,000 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h: e.g. thermoforming applications, pharmaceutical packaging, credit cards, office supplies
  • Lines for cast PET sheet with output capacities from 1,800 up to 5,000 kg/h: e.g. food packaging (FFS: form-fill-seal), blister packs, thermoforming applications, lid films

Extended LISIM®

  • Biaxial simultaneous stretching for specialty films (LISIM® = linear motor simultaneous stretching technology)
  • Extension to Brückner`s proven LISIM® technology
  • Dedicated to small and mid-size production and pilot lines
  • Contact free stretching for superior properties
  • Clean room suitable
  • Utmost flexibility through unique stretching ratios (MD 0.5 – 6.0; TD 0.8 – 5.0)
  • Wide range of applications, e.g. optical films, battery separator film and retard films from PP, PET, PA, PE, PS, PC, PLA, COC, COP, PEEK, TAC, PMMA, PVDF

Technologies for new resins, products & applications

  • Clean room suitable sequential and simultaneous technologies – mostly used for the flat panel display market: polarizer film, retardation film and protection film
  • Sequential concepts for the processing of high temperature films used within the textile industry, for membranes in the medical sector and for flexible printed circuits and insulations

Total energy management
Brückner supports Chinese film producers who are striving for low energy consumption by trend-setting technologies such as twin screw extrusion, heat recovery system, regenerating energy for line drive systems, improved insulation further reducing energy consumption.

Brückner Servtec: Profitable operation of existing lines

  • Engineered solutions for energy savings
  • Upgradings and software tools to increase productivity
  • Latest audio/video communication tools for fast remote support
  • Manufacturing Management System “MMS”
    • Maximization of plant output and service level
    • Complete transparency of the production process for all management levels
    • Modern software technologies and algorithms, combined with deep film business knowledge

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