Plastic Logic to Exhibit Flexible Plastic Display Technology at UK Plastic Electronics Show

Plastic Logic, a key player in the plastic electronics field, will showcase the adaptability of its flexible plastic display technology, including its display tiling capability at the UK Plastic Electronics Show 2012, which will be held from November 7 to 8, 2012, in Birmingham, UK.

Plastic Logic will demonstrate its display tiling capability for the first time to the public. The Plastic Logic backplane technology enables the cutting of a display very close to its active area without causing any damage to its performance, thus considerably minimizing the gap between two displays, while retaining the ability to bend or conform to any shape. The company has the capability to laminate multiple displays together with high precision.

Plastic Logic will also exhibit a variety of displays that are completely based on plastics and producible in monochrome and color in a broad range of sizes and shapes. These ultra-light, very-low-power, and super-thin displays can show text, images and video animation (12 fps). Moreover, this flexible display technology is daylight readable, shatterproof and allows viewing from virtually any angle.

At the event, Plastic Logic’s Principal Engineer, Jim Watts will deliver an industry presentation in the flexible displays session, covering the company’s innovative organic electronics-based flexible display technology, ongoing process advancement, and new technologies under development using the same organic thin film transistor (OTFT) technology. The presentation will also describe potential applications of the displays that are produced in the Plastic Logic manufacturing plant in Dresden, Germany, the first plastic electronics plant of the world.

Plastic Logic's flexible display technology can be utilized in a variety of applications for smaller as well as larger plastic display solutions, which include e-readers, paper replacement and companion products to smart phones. The company is also exploring the possibility of integrating its technology into non-imaging applications.


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