Bruker Daltronics Introduce Entry Level amaZon Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Bruker Daltonics today announces the newest model in its successful amaZon ion trap mass spectrometry product line, the entry level amaZon SL. It builds upon Bruker's long-standing expertise in high-performance ion trap technologies, and is designed to enhance efficiency for laboratories involved with applications including structural confirmation, compound screening and identification, process and general synthesis control, as well as metabolite identification.

Delivering superior sensitivity due to its proprietary dual ion funnel technology, fast acquisitions with class leading combinations of scan speed and mass resolution, and tested, robust performance, the unique amaZon SL offers highest data quality and flexibility at an affordable price point.

The new amaZon SL incorporates key features for best-in-class analytical capabilities:

  • Smart and intuitive software provides quick answers to analytical questions with automation tools for calibration, tuning and data post-processing,
  • Fast data acquisition with a scan speed up to 32,000 u/s at full isotopic resolution leads to highest duty cycles in both MS and MS/MS experiments, ideal for coupling with UHPLC,
  • For screening applications, on-the-fly polarity switching speeds up analysis and increases the reliability of the results,
  • The SmartFrag algorithm ensures optimum fragmentation efficiency for all compounds and reproducible MS/MS, ideal for spectral library searching,
  • Open Access Environment: low maintenance requirements make the amaZon SL perfectly suited for open access environments including synthesis control, general QC or busy multi-user academic core labs,
  • Highest reliability and robustness by proven ion trap technology;

Dr. Alexander Harder, Head of Product Management at Bruker Daltonics, commented: "The new amaZon SL truly represents outstanding performance at an affordable price point as part of our new ion trap LC/MSn platform. It adds to our state-of-the-art amaZon ion trap series with class-leading analytical performance. The robust ion trap technology makes this instrument a most reliable partner for daily laboratory work - even for non MS-experts."

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