Micromeritics Establishes Chinese Presence

Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Limited recently celebrated its grand opening at the Shanghai Pudong Holiday Inn. Well over 100 people joined Micromeritics China team as dignitaries from local government, academia, and industry were in attendance, as well as several representatives from the press, vendors, and other associates.

The grand opening ceremonies included a ceremonial ribbon cutting and presentations by Dr. Renliang Xu, General Manager of Micromeritics China, Tom Cook, Chief Financial Officer of Micromeritics, and Pat Wommack, General Manager of the Particulate Systems division of Micromeritics.

Micromeritics began selling its products in China in the late 1970s. The company formed its own representative office in 1987. With a continuous growth in material characterization instrument sales, the incorporation of Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Limited as a full service import/export company on April 20, 2011, will mean superior service and support to Micromeritics many Chinese customers.

Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Limited currently has 25 employees located in four offices, Shanghai in the east, Beijing in the north, X'ian in the west, and Guangzhou in the south. The new Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Limited corporate structure will enable a more efficient means of serving Micromeritics many loyal customers in all areas of the important and growing China market.

Contact Name: Dr. Renliang Xu [email protected]
Phone: +86 021-6184 0555
Website address: http://www.mic-instrument.com.cn/
Chinese YouTube address: http://u.youku.com/micromeritics

About Micromeritics

Micromeritics was founded over forty years ago to fulfill the analytical instrumentation needs of industrial and academic laboratories involved in the emerging field of particle science and technology. The company manufactures a broad line of automated analytical laboratory instruments that measure the physical characteristics of powders and solids for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control applications, including the expanding area of nanoscience. Physical characteristics determined include:

  • Particle Size
  • Surface Area
  • Pore Volume, Pore Size and Pore Size Distribution
  • Absolute Density, Envelope Density, and Bulk Density
  • Catalytic Activity, Active Surface Area, and Strength of Adsorption Sites


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