A New Dimension of Spectral Resolution in ICP: PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000

Taking pictures with your camera you may find that images often look okay on a first glimpse, but when zooming in fine details are barely noticeable. In contrast, the high information density of high resolution images will reveal even the smallest details. Since the introduction of ICP optical emission spectrometry, the spectral resolution has been a main concern with respect to accuracy and sensitivity.

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000

The wealth of emission lines from the plasma frequently leads to overlapping between lines of the analyte and that of accompanying elements. In many sample matrices such spectral interferences impair the recognition of the analyte signal and thus restrict the free choice of analytical lines. Hence, less sensitive alternative lines are frequently used that exhibit poorer detection limits. With the introduction of the High-Resolution Array ICP-OES PlasmaQuant ® PQ 9000, Analytik Jena is taking optical emission spectrometry to a new level. Thanks to its High-Resolution Optics, PlasmaQuant ® PQ 9000 exceeds the spectral resolution of conventional instruments by up to factor 4, which translates into uncompromised accuracy and advanced analytical capabilities as previously obscured analyte lines become detectable. Along with an unprecedented Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) protocol and an elaborate software tool for the Correction of Spectral Interferences (CSI) the High-Resolution Optics of PlasmaQuant ® PQ 9000 brings unconditional confidence to your most delicate analytical routine.

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