Proceeds from Pittcon 2017 Fund Grants to Colleges, High Schools and Elementary Schools

Proceeds from Pittcon 2017 are distributed by its sponsoring societies, the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP).  One way that the money is distributed is through grants to elementary and high schools and colleges to fund science education and outreach.

This year’s grant program includes the Elementary School Science Olympiad Program (ESSOP) which awarded more than $38,000 in various increments to 22 area schools to purchase scientific equipment. The High School Equipment Grant (HSEG), totaling more than $24,000 was dispersed to 17 schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia school districts.

At the college level, The Starter Grant Awards are given to encourage high-quality, innovative research by beginning chemistry professors. The goal of the grants is to promote the training and development of graduate students in the fields of spectroscopy and analytical chemistry. Two $40,000 awards were granted: one award in the area of analytical chemistry and one in spectroscopy.

Other grants  include: $65,000 for the College Equipment Grant (CEGP) which was divided among 11 colleges; a $10,000 Undergraduate Analytical Research Program (UARP); and  the College Chemistry scholarship which consisted of one $3,000 and  two $2,000 awards.

The Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant, commonly referred to as PCMNCG, distributed a total of $123,688 to 13 colleges across the country based on predetermined selection criteria and guidelines.

The following are the PCMNCG 2017 recipients:

Lawrence University of Wisconsin
The Citadel
Castleton University

Morningside College

Lynchburg College

Moravian  CollegeSaint Catherine UniversitySt. Paul, MN

Wofford College

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Southwestern University

University of Saint Joseph

Cumberland University

Dordt College

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