New Polishing Guide for Metallography by Buehler

Buehler is introducing a New Polishing Guide, chock full of application and process information for metallography lab technicians.  Topics include how polishing works and why picking the right consumables can be the difference between moving on to analysis and having to start over with another sample.  It features a selection guide for cloths, as well as expert knowledge to help choose the best quality abrasives.

Guide Includes Issues, Questions and Methods

The guide includes solutions to common issues, frequently asked questions and recommended polishing methods for electronics, aluminum, nickel, titanium, copper, composites, thermal coatings and steels. Buehler’s Polishing Guide contains expert preparation recommendations for polishing with fine, intermediate and coarse polishing cloths on any material.

Featuring Magnetic Polishing Cloths for Efficiency

In busy laboratories, users are tediously peeling off worn adhesive backed cloths.  Buehler now carries durable magnetic backed cloths to save time, reduce frustration and increase efficiency. The magnetic polishing cloths combine the original Buehler polishing cloth material with a stiff magnetic liner to provide a convenient and easy to use solution for the polishing process.

A magnetic backing is available on the premium Buehler polishing cloths offered in 8” (203mm), 10” (254mm) and 12” (305mm) sizes for these popular cloth styles: TriDent™, VerduTex™, MicroCloth™, VelTex™, PoliCloth ™, MicroFloc™, MasterTex™, ChemoMet™, UltraPad™, Nylon™, and TexMet™. Buehler offers fast delivery of the polishing cloths via its online shop at

Partner Polishing Cloths with Buehler’s Grinder-Polishers

To obtain the most superior surface finish use Buehler polishing consumables with any of Buehler’s best in class grinder-polishers, such as the EcoMet/AutoMet 250, EcoMet/AutoMet 300 or EcoMet 30. These machines have intuitive interfaces, proven durability in any environment and are easy to clean. Contact a Buehler Sales Representative to determine which of these versatile machines will suit your needs.

Polishing Cloth & Microstructure Contest

For users of Buehler polishing cloths, other consumables and equipment, the company is sponsoring a microstructure calendar contest A $200 honorarium will be awarded for each of the twelve images selected for the 2019 calendar. Entries may be submitted through September 2018.


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