Vision Analytical Launches On-Line Remote Process Monitoring System for Particle Shape and Size

The new Process Monitoring System (PMS) product line for high-resolution measurement of particle size and shape was recently released and installed in pharmaceutical applications. The new PMS was built on the proven design of the Particle Insight Particle Size and Shape analyzer that utilizes dynamic image analysis to deliver real-time data for monitoring the morphology of sample particles. The high-resolution technique is capable of detecting slight process changes in size and shape of particles. As an on-line system, process changes can be detected in real-time and can send an alert of even the slightest change in crystal growth or size reduction downstream of milling.

High resolution image analysis has been the sole focus technology of Vision Analytical Inc. As such, the hardware and software has evolved over time to allow adaptability to numerous other market sectors, such as the on-line market. Where most on-line systems are weak is where the Particle Insight technology has been focused on improvement. The ability of early detection in size and shape with a high-resolution technique enables users to make more accurate decisions and minimize waste. Of course, being a high-resolution image analysis-based system, having images of all measured particles allows for objective evidence to make process decisions. Classification and quantification of different particle species in the process is easily done assuring proper blending remains consistent or even detecting any rare event contamination particles.

The rolling PMS system can monitor up to 4 different remote size and shape modules in real time via secured IP address protocols allowing systems to be installed and monitored from a few meters away to all over the world. The monitoring platform is portable, and battery operated as are the remote modules. The system includes backup Wi-Fi as well as available 4G LTE and eventually 5G connectivity for monitoring real-time processes in very remote locations.

The days of having to assume all particles are spherical for typical on-line particle monitoring are over. The ability of having a high-resolution technique, such as image analysis, that can match high resolution at-line techniques is here. The addition of remote monitoring using the latest wireless techniques also enables real-time feedback to make real-time decisions on optimizing and controlling the manufacturing process.

For more information about the new Process Monitoring System please visit our website at, [email protected], +1 305 801 7140

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