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Micromeritics Introduces the Breakthrough Analyzer

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has introduced the new Breakthrough Analyzer (BTA), a system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process-relevant conditions.

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Combining Micromeritics’ widely recognized expertise in gas adsorption with its microreactor and pilot plant technology, the BTA delivers reliable, selective adsorption data for gas/vapor mixtures. A highly efficient tool for evaluating the performance of next generation adsorbents, the BTA is particularly valuable for researchers working in fields such as gas separation, storage and purification, carbon dioxide capture and energy storage.

The BTA incorporates patented high performance blending valves, precision mass flow controllers and optional vapor sources. The resulting gas delivery system has minimal dead volume and ensures the precise control of both composition and flow rate. Adsorbent is held in a column that uses only 0.05 – 2.5 g of sample per measurement. A thermostated environmental chamber provides accurate, uniform temperature control of all components, up to 200°C, with no cold spots. Automated sample activation and adsorption studies can be performed at temperatures up to 1,000°C with the precise resistance furnace. Sequenced and cyclic experiments are easily programmed. Operating pressures can be controlled from atmospheric to 30 bar via a back-pressure valve. The gas detection system and other features are readily customized for the application(s) of interest.

Jeff Kenvin, the Vice President of Science for Micromeritics stated “The new BTA is a compact, safe, fully-automated bench top system enabling scientists and engineers to generate the highest quality breakthrough curves. Precise and reproducible data can be obtained using small sample quantities; easily outperforming competitive systems. A wealth of adsorbent studies can be conducted including mixed gas studies, competitive sorption assessments, and high-pressure isotherm generation. BTA users will accelerate new adsorbents from discovery to commercial use, faster than ever.”

Find out more about the BTA here.


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