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Micromeritics Award First Particle Characterization Grant to Berkeley Catalysis Center

Micromeritics recently launched an Instrument Grant Program intended to provide particle characterization instruments to non-profit universities and research organizations for the purpose of fostering and supporting meritorious research projects. Many deserving applications have been received.

After careful consideration by a special Grant Selection Committee set up by the president of the company, an initial Micromeritics grant award winner has been selected. An AutoChem II 2920 Catalyst Characterization System has been awarded to the Berkeley Catalysis Center in the College of Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley.

Alexander Katz, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Principal Investigator states, “The AutoChem II 2920 Chemisorption Analyzer with related components will be an integral and critical piece of characterization equipment within the UC Berkeley Catalysis Center. This instrument will be used to determine the concentration and acid/base characteristics of catalytic active sites on solids in a fashion that cannot be accomplished by other techniques. In particular, this will be used to investigate the chemisorption of H2, CO, CO2, and N2O, as well as reactive chemisorption using hydrogen and alkanes as reductants.”

According to Preston Hendrix, Micromeritics’ President, “This program is designed to promote and advance the acquisition and use of particle characterization instrumentation not generally available through other means to non-profit universities and institutions. We are very proud and excited to present this first award in an ongoing grant program to support important research.”

A maximum of one instrument/integrated system will be awarded per calendar quarter. Grant deadline dates for 2007 are:
1) Application deadline 12/31/06; Grant decision prior to 3/31/07
2) Application deadline 3/31/07; Grant decision prior to 6/30/07
3) Application deadline 6/30/07; Grant decision prior to 9/30/07
4) Application deadline 9/30/07; Grant decision prior to 12/31/07

Applications may be submitted at any time in accordance with the application instructions and will remain active for a period of one year from the date of submission. Visit Micromeritics website for a detailed grant description, application requirements, and application.

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