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    First Sensor AG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems. Our company develops and manufactures both standardized and tailor-made sensor solutions for the detection...
  • News - 27 Mar 2017
    Automotive technology is evolving so fast these days that it’s difficult to predict the features vehicles will have by the end of the next decade. But we do know that wireless connectivity...
  • Article - 9 Jun 2022
    AZoM spoke with Professor James Tour and Ph.D. candidate Kevin Wyss from Rice University about their research that has looked at upcycling disused car parts into high-quality turbostratic graphene.
  • Article - 20 Apr 2022
    This article describes the latest solutions used by the automotive industries to achieve efficient sealing of cars and protect them from the elements.
  • Article - 23 Sep 2021
    Without a continual supply of semiconductor materials, a great number of technology sectors would experience manufacturing delays, supply shortages, or—in the extreme case—an abrupt termination of...
  • Article - 25 Jun 2021
    Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles – the flying cars and mobility devices that were once the realm of science fiction – could be a reality in the near future thanks to the latest...
  • Article - 23 Apr 2021
    Semiconductors are one of the most important technological advances of the 20th century and are said to be a significant pillar of the IT industry. Today, they are used in a staggering array of...
  • Article - 23 Apr 2021
    Found in every kind of modern vehicle, semiconductors make it possible for electric cars to be efficient, interactive and safe, which is critical when human life is at risk.
  • Article - 28 Oct 2020
    EconCore and a team of student engineers from the University of Technology Eindhoven in the Netherlands have demonstrated that this waste can still be useful, applying recycled PET composites and...
  • Article - 7 Nov 2018
    With AI technology, self-driving, autonomous vehicles are swiftly becoming a reality. However, there are a number of legal aspects that need examining.