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  • Article - 10 Sep 2001
    Relative advantages, disadvantages and applications are listed together with a table of typical properties.
  • Article - 10 Sep 2001
    Polyarylamide is a thermoplastic which has the ability to accept high filler loadings and give reasonable surface finish. Finding uses in the electrical, electronic and lesure industries.
  • Article - 10 Dec 2018
    This article discusses how to determine the thermal conductivity of vacuum insulation panels (VIP).
  • Article - 25 Jul 2018
    Drive process engineers require more reliable and precise fluid level measurement systems because of the needs of sophisticated automated processing systems, an increasingly stringent regulatory...
  • Article - 18 May 2017
    High-performance polymers such as PEEK are extruded by Zeus to help in weight reduction. This is done by simplifying design and replacing heavy metals. Among all thermoplastics, PEEK has one of the...
  • Article - 21 Nov 2015
    This article discusses the many different methods of fluid level measurement in industrial processes.
  • Article - 18 May 2017
    Performance plastics such as PEEK can be used to replace heavy metals. Among any thermoplastic, this extruded resin is known to have the highest strength-to-weight ratios. Performance plastics are...
  • Article - 16 Mar 2018
    Across many industrial and academic applications, it’s necessary to accurately measure liquid flow. Depending on the application, accurate measurements can be the difference between making a profit or...
  • Article - 21 Nov 2001
    Plasma cutting evolved from Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. By constricting the nozzle opening, gas velocity increased and effectively blasted molten metal away from the puddle created by the arc....
  • Article - 6 Nov 2009
    Gold plating is a term that is generally used to describe a thin gold coating on an object. As a matter of fact, gold can be deposited from a solution, by using three similar processes.