Using PEEK for Next-Generation Automotive Technology

High-performance polymers such as PEEK are extruded by Zeus to help in weight reduction. This is done by simplifying design and replacing heavy metals. Among all thermoplastics, PEEK has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios. Compared to stainless steel braiding, PEEK Drawn Fiber provides a superior lightweight option. Metal cooling lines are increasingly being replaced with PEEK tubing.

Thermal Endurance

Zeus products are generally used in those applications where temperatures can reach or surpass 260 °C.

Reduced Friction

Fluoropolymers have natural lubricity, which means it can be used in push/pull cables or other related applications where friction is a major problem. Engineered surface tubing further reduces friction without using fillers or additives. As a result, component assembly is made easier.

Manufacturing Aids – 1

Heat Shrink Release Aids

PEEK, PTFE, FEP, and ETFE are approved contact resins developed for composites. Zeus makes Sub-Lite-Wall® (~0.002”/0.051 mm) heat shrinks that provide seamless coverings for forming bladders or mandrels for composite manufacturing. Sub-Lite-Wall® heat shrinks substitute tapes and films to save time and enhance surface finish on the composite part.

Sensors/Fiber Optics - 2

Specialized Extrusions

Zeus now holds machine grade tolerances (~0.001”/0.025 mm) on plastic tubing employed in fiber optics. Typical performance resins such as PEEK, FEP, THV, PTFE, and ETFE are extruded for fiber optic jacketing. In order to increase bondability and abrasion resistance, glass and other similar fillers can be introduced. There are annealing options to boost dimensional stability at high temperatures. Usually, Dual-Shrink® is used to shield sensors from harsh chemicals or moisture.

Electric Motor - 3

Peek Insulated Wire

PEEK has excellent abrasion resistance, possesses thermal endurance up to 260 °C/500 °F, and offers a remarkable dielectric strength of up to 3000 V/mil. In electric motors, PEEK Insulated Wire is utilized as an advanced winding that drives motor performance. Zeus can coat different types of wires such as copper, nickel-plated, and silver-plated in square, round, rectangle, and stranded profiles with PEEK. Moreover, additional wire coatings in PTFE, PFA, ETFE, FEP, etc. are available as well.


PEEKshrink® is a high temperature (260 °C/500 °F) heat shrink that is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is used for splicing wires. The splice is usually the weakest point in electric motor windings, but the excellent performance of PEEKshrink® means that it can now be the strongest point.

Wire Harness - 4

Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap is a highly flexible and expandable wrap that is used for harnessing and insulating hoses, cables, wires, and other bundles. It comes in a wide range of polymers. ASTM D 3295 certification is also available.


Convoluted Tubing, also known as flexible conduit, can be used to accommodate multiple wires to avoid chafing. This tubing can be marked with part numbers, drilled with holes, or it can be slit to easily cover and protect wires. For convenient installation, cuffing of PTFE convoluted is available. Special sizing or extruded AS81914 certification is also available on request.

Heat Shrink

Heat shrinks offer a tight, protective covering to items that are exposed to severe conditions such as extreme heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, etc. Zeus extrudes heat shrink tubing from many different polymer resins, such as PEEK, PTFE, ETFE, PFA, FEP, and PTFE/ FEP Dual-Shrink®. Custom sizes, ratios up to 4:1, as well as certifications to the AS23053™/11 & 12 Mil Spec are also available.

Drawn Fiber

Drawn Fiber is a remarkable product that is used for braiding wire harnesses. It boosts chafe resistance and reduces weight. It is possible to customize shrinkage, tensile, and elongation to fulfill customers’ specifications.

Custom Extrusions

Spline shapes can reduce vibration impact, center wiring, and facilitate the passage of air or moisture. There are other specialized shapes that can provide separate isolation of wires in numerous lumens.

Fluid Management – 5


Upon special request, Zeus team can customize the tolerances and dimensions of tubing to make unique products that are specific to applications. Lengths can either be continuous or cut to length.

Zeus also supplies high-performance tubing products that are chemically inert to fuels, brake fluids, power steering, automatic transmission, and other typical automotive fluids. For custom applications, co-extruded or dual-layered tubing is also available.

Drawn Fiber

Drawn Fiber provides extra abrasion resistance and can be used as an over-braid. The fiber’s tenacity can be tailored to meet specific application needs.

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