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ParticleMetric Software - Powder Inspection for SEM from Phenom-World

ParticleMetric Software - Powder Inspection for SEM from Phenom-World

Phenom-World has introduced a powerful tool for fully automated inspection of particles and powders. The Phenom desktop SEM with ParticleMetric software enables easy visualization and analysis of SEM images. The software enables users to collect particle size and morphology data for a variety of submicron particle applications.

The fully automated measurements of the integrated ParticleMetric software allow visual exploration beyond optical microscopy that can lead to novel discoveries in powder design, development, and quality control. Scatter plots, histograms, and generated images can be exported in the preferred format to be utilized as a reporting tool. ParticleMetric provides user-specific data, speeds up particle analysis, and enhances product quality.

Key Features

The main features of the ParticleMetric software are:

  • Statistical data with high-quality SEM images
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated software in Pro Suite for both online and offline analysis
  • Correlates particle features such as circularity, diameter, aspect ratio, and convexity
  • Creates image datasets with free available automated image mapping
  • Advanced detection algorithm with advanced settings for experts and default settings for non expert users

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