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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer-Aided Design software is used in industry for a number of purposes and may be performed in the traditional two-dimensional world or in the more revealing three-dimensional world.

Materials Software

AxisVM Finite Element Analysis & Design 3D CAD software

AxisVM is a high-quality software package for civil engineers. It is a useful tool for engineers in numerous countries. Users can build the 3D model with the aid of integrated visual modeling and simple manageability. An intelligent graphical user interface supports all period of the process: definition, analysis and result query.

Google SketchUp Pro 6

A powerful, intuitive 3D modeling tool for conceptual design, documentation, and presentation. Build 3D models, create 2D presentations with LayOut, and more.

AcceliCAD 2009 CAD Design and Drafting Software

Whether you are a professional is architectural building design, civil, structural or mechanical engineering, electrical, plumbing or heating, ventilation and cooling - you need a straightforward drawing software that will meet your design and drawing needs without breaking the bank every 18 months. Technical professionals, students and hobbyists now have an affordable CAD solution that provides all the top CAD facilities at a surprisingly low cost. AcceliCAD 2009 is fully-featured drawing software that meets all the requirements of the technical professional...

Abaqus 6.8 Element Modeling, Visualization, and Process Automation Software

Increase your efficiency by using this intuitive, highly-customizable user interface for modeling, meshing, and visualization.

GTXImage Raster and Vector Drawing System (Raster to Vector Conversion)

GTXImage CAD is a total raster and vector drawing system for bringing legacy paper drawings into a modern CAD, EDM or GIS environment. It includes powerful, industry standard two-dimensional CAD functionality that fully supports comprehensive hybrid raster and vector capabilities. It also provides highly efficient raster enhancement and editing features that permit you to make the most of your legacy drawing archive.

CADFind 2D and 3D Graphical Design Retrieval

CADFind is 2D and 3D CAD search tool which allows reuse of existing parts and drawings to help reduce part duplication and costs that are associated with designing new parts.