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Modeling and Simulation

A computer model, as used in modeling and simulation science, is a mathematical representation of something-a person, a building, a vehicle, a tree-any object. A model also can be a representation of a process-a weather pattern, traffic flow, air flowing over a wing. Source: Institute for Simulation & Training

Materials Software

EQS 6.1 Structural Equation Modeling Software

Developed by one of the world's leading authorities on the subject, Dr. Peter M. Bentler, EQS provides researchers and statisticians with a simple method for conducting the full range of structural equations models including multiple regression, multivariate regression, confirmatory factor analysis, structured means analysis, path analysis, and multiple population comparisons. Users agree that EQS is more complete and much easier to use than other products such as LISREL. With EQS, no knowledge of matrix algebra is required!

MapleSim : High-Performance Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

With MapleSim, systems are described in a compact and intuitive component diagram using next-generation physical modeling techniques, making them easier to build and understand. Model equations are automatically generated and simplified, yielding concise models and high-speed simulations of sophisticated systems. With MapleSim, you will produce better products and dramatically shorten the product development cycle.

Abaqus 6.8 Element Modeling, Visualization, and Process Automation Software

Increase your efficiency by using this intuitive, highly-customizable user interface for modeling, meshing, and visualization.

Google SketchUp Pro 6

A powerful, intuitive 3D modeling tool for conceptual design, documentation, and presentation. Build 3D models, create 2D presentations with LayOut, and more.