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Automated Configuration and Documentation Software for Fluid Systems – EPLAN Fluid

EPLAN Fluid is an engineering tool used for the automatic configuration and documentation of circuits for fluid systems in hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication.

Materials Data Products from Granta Design

Granta has assembled an unrivalled catalog of materials property data and related information.

Origin 8 Data Analysis and Graphing Software

Origin 8 provides a data analysis and graphing workspace for scientists and engineers. New features include multi-sheet workbooks with sparklines, expanded import capabilities, SQL queries, automatic recalculation of analysis results and new graph types.

IGOR Pro Graphing and Data Anlysis Software

IGOR Pro is an extraordinarily powerful and extensible graphing, data analysis, image processing and programming tool for scientists and engineers.

CES Selector from Granta Design

CES Selector™ is a powerful PC software application that offers extensive materials property data, advanced graphical analysis, and specialist tools to support materials selection and substitution decisions.

NEXYGENPlus Data Analysis and Materials Testing Software

NEXYGENPlus multi-lingual materials testing software is the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing system. This extraordinarily easy to use and flexible software, allows the operator to control and monitor all aspects of the system from a single front end, ensuring fast, reliable and powerful testing and data analysis for tensile, compression, peel, creep, relaxation and flexural test applications.

CES EduPack from Granta Design

CES EduPack is a unique resource, used at over 800 universities and colleges worldwide to teach materials and process-related courses in subject areas including: general and mechanical engineering, manufacturing, materials science and materials engineering, eco design and sustainability, industrial and product design, and many more.

Data Collection and Analysis Software for IR and Raman - OMNIC Series from Thermo

Thermo Scientific's OMNIC Series software features visualization, data collection, processing and analysis tools that considerably extends the capabilities of the OMNIC Software Suite for performing time-based experiments that include TGA-IR, GC-IR, SPR and FT-IR and Raman kinetics studies.

3D Engineering Software for Control Cabinets and Switchgear Systems – EPLAN Pro Panel

EPLAN Pro Panel is a switchgear solution for the 3D engineering of control cabinets and switchgear systems.