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Introduction of Avizo Software for Metals and Alloys Characterization


This webinar provides an introduction to the characterization of metals and alloys using Thermo Scientific™ Avizo™ Software. The software improves material properties and ensures mechanical part conformance.

About the Webinar

Regardless of whether users need to develop new alloys or work to improve materials’ properties, they need to be able to increase the speed, accuracy, and reproducibility of the characterization of precipitates and inclusions in metals.

Once this is achieved, users can achieve trusted results, which will then allow them to manufacture enhanced materials. However, this involves time-consuming, manual processes that require a high level of image processing expertise.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Analyze several hundred particles a day rather than just a dozen
  • Use automation to increase the number of samples analyzed
  • Design materials faster and spot weaknesses earlier 
  • Remove barriers caused by adopting multiple solutions for day-to-day analysis 
  • Reduce scrap parts and enhance yield; optimize powder recycling

Davy Penhard has more than 15 years of experience in analytical software solutions. After many years of meeting with customers globally as a sales manager for software solutions, he is now in charge of strategic development for Avizo Software.

In his role, Davy is involved in discussions with fellow peer organizations about how to improve products to better understand the major pain points in materials analysis and how Avizo Software can help in the design and manufacture of better materials.

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