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Demonstration of Avizo Software for Batteries and Energy Materials Characterization

This Thermo Fisher Scientific webinar offers a demonstration of how the Thermo Scientific™ Avizo™ Software can be used for the characterization of energy materials and batteries, providing insight into how to understand and develop battery and energy storage advanced materials.

About the Webinar

An analytical software solution, the Avizo Software provides a high level of accuracy in a fully- or semi-automated capacity for multiple imaging modalities in a single environment.

In a previous webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the capabilities of Avizo Software for the characterization of batteries and energy storage materials and gave some examples of real-world uses. In this webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific will delve deeper into its product and highlight some practical ways of obtaining results and actionable data that can benefit an entire research-to-production cycle.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Easily visualize an entire battery cell and analyze defects in the 3D volume
  • Characterize cathode materials in 2D (grains, cracks, binder, matrix)
  • Characterize cathode materials in a full 3D volume (grains, cracks, binder, matrix)
  • Merge and analyze multiple modalities from a single interface (Volume and Chemical information)
  • Compute tortuosity through Pore Network Modeling from one application
  • Use AI and Deep Learning to overcome segmentation challenges
  • Accelerate segmentation through interactive techniques


Davy Penhard has more than 15 years of experience developing analytical software. He spent many years traveling the world to meet with clients as a software sales manager and is now in charge of  Avizo Software’s strategic development.

To better understand the main challenges in materials analysis and how Avizo Software can assist users in designing and producing better batteries and energy storage materials, Davy regularly meets with peers from other organizations to discuss product improvements.


Patrick Barthelemy works for Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Product Application Expert for Materials R&D and Industrial Inspection. Patrick has been engaged in 3D visualization and advanced analysis work and research in the fields of medicine, oil and gas, materials science, and industrial inspection since 1987.

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