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Using the combined action of wear and corrosion tribocorrosion causes the alteration or degradation of materials. It restricts the performance and lifetime of machines and devices with moving components, installations and controls manufacturing processes such as chemical–mechanical polishing. The impact of tribocorrosion is most on passive metals that attribute their corrosion reseistance to a thin protective oxide film. Most corrosion-resistant engineering alloys come under this category.
The weld toe is a primary source of fatigue cracking because of the severity of the stress concentration it produces. Weld toe improvement can increase the fatigue strength of new structures significantly.
Laser welding is a versatile technology on the road to rapid growth and has found a significant number of applications in manufacturing and industry. The precision welding of tiny and hard-to-reach areas is enabled, and it is specifically suitable for operation under computer or robotic control. The latest developments in the field of laser welding and their use in a range of applications are discussed in The Handbook of laser welding technologies.