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Flow controllers are used to control the rate at which gases or liquids are added to a process stream. They vary in complexity from electronically controlled devices to manually controlled. Areas of application vary from gas flow in heat treatment processes to chemical additions in a manufacturing process.
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The Brooks 0254 is a four-channel power supply, readout, and set point controller. This innovative, reliable microcomputer-based controller provides power for up to four Brooks thermal mass flow, Quantim Coriolis mass flow, and/or pressure devices; all in a new compact design. Additionally, the 0254 can be used to generate flow setpoint commands, display flow rate, totalize flow, for blending multiple flow streams, and more.
Alicat has developed the Whisper series mass flow meters and controller that are suitable for low pressure drop applications.
Brooks pressure transducers use the latest technology advancements in strain gauge technology, including a high-temperature glass bonding process, digital signal processing, high-performance digital electronics, reverse polarity protection, and EMI immunity.
Alicat has launched the MCD Series bidirectional mass flow controllers that control flows into a process in one direction and then change directions.
Alicat has developed the MB series portable mass flow meter that serves as a perfect tool for confirming flow rates in remote places.
The GF81 High-Flow Metal Seal Digital Mass Flow Controller and Mass Flow Meter is developed for high-flow applications in thin film, solar, analytical, biotech and fuel cell
GF135 pressure transient insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller (MFC) from Brooks Instrument is a high-performance PTI-MFC with real-time flow error detection capability.
The Portable Calibration Unit (PCU) available from Alicat was designed as a portable, self contained secondary calibration standard for ease of use and transport.
The Brooks® Ar-MiteTM is a reliable, low flow metal tube flowmeter with 316L stainless steel wetted parts. The magnetically coupled indicator provides a highly reliable method of indication. This model is a practical and economical approach to low flow rate indication for high pressure and difficult to handle fluids.
Alicat’s PCD dual-valve pressure controller is a fast, precise and repeatable pressure control instrument specifically designed for closed volumes.
The Brooks® Model 1350 and 1355 Sho-Rate™ variable area meters deliver industry-leading performance for gas or liquid flows. Their robust, proven engineering ensures reliable indication and unsurpassed service life. Sho-Rate meters pioneered the concept of field replaceable tube and float kits. If necessary, the tube and float can be replaced in-line in a matter of minutes
The Brooks Quantim® Coriolis mass flow meter and mass flow controller provide precision mass flow measurement, integral control, on-line density and temperature measurement all in one compact package.
The FlexiDOSE Flow is used for measurements in flowing gas or gas mixture atmospheres in different pressure ranges - up to 350 bar.
Designed for semiconductor, MOCVD, and other gas flow control applications that require a high purity all-metal flow path, the Brooks GF Series mass flow controllers deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and flexibility. Highlights of the GF series industry-leading features include: ultra fast 300 millisecond settling time, MultiFlo™ gas and range programmability, optional pressure transient insensitivity (PTI), local display, extremely low wetted surface area, and corrosion resistant Hastelloy® sensor tube and valve seat.
The XacTorr CMX series digital capacitance manometers gauges are premium, heated gauges, that use patented, dual zone heating to ensure 0.1°C temperature uniformity. The sensor very quickly recovers from thermal events and is virtually immune to ambient temperature changes. Three operating temperatures are offered, 45°C, 100°C, and 160°C with full-scale measurement ranges from 100 milliTorr to 1000 Torr.
The Atrato flowmeter range was developed by Titan Enterprises after investing eight years of research and development along with the Department of Process & Engineering at Cranfield University, to compete with traditional flowmeters.
The Brooks® Models MT 3809 Variable Area Flowmeter is a rugged, all metal flowmeter offering 2% full scale accuracy. The Model MT 3809 is constructed with stainless steel components for measuring a variety of gas, liquid and steam applications.
Brooks Instrument offers the GF40 elastomer and GF80 metal seal thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) and thermal mass flow meters (MFMs) that are flexible, reliable and provide excellent performance in a variety of gas flow measurement and control applications.
The Brooks family of extremely high-performing direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer solutions is designed for customers who require reliable liquid vaporization. Featuring unique atomization and heat exchanger technologies, Brooks direct liquid injection vaporizers deliver pure vapor for every application.
The Brooks SLAMf Series mass flow lines are designed specifically for use in harsh environments. These devices’ unique NEMA4X/IP66 enclosures provide protection from dust and water making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for washdown applications.
TA Instruments offers the FOX 314 heat flow meter that is designed for measuring thermal conductivity according to ASTM C518 and ISO 8301. It is an easy-to-use device that operates in standalone or PC-controlled configurations, thus providing quick and accurate results.
The Focus 2.0 Optical Flow Meter available from Photon Control is widely used by oil and gas companies across the globe to monitor and measure the flow of flare gases in oil production.
Brooks’ digital thermal mass flow controllers and meters, with over 150,000 installed around the world, offer faster response, better accuracy, and improved control over analog devices. The Smart Link Advantage (SLA) Series is Brooks’ premier smart digital thermal mass flow series.
The Brooks Instrument 0260 is a Microsoft™ Windows™ based software application that provides control and monitoring for Brooks Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with the RS485 Smart protocol. Together with the 0260 power supply / RS485 to USB hardware module this product provides a great turnkey solution for monitoring and controlling up to thirty (30) mass flow meters/controllers.
The Brooks 4800 Series features a broad flow range, compact size, a variety of analog and digital I/O options, a MEMS-based sensor that provides lightning fast response times, and many other benefits for a variety of applications. The 4800 Series of mass flow controllers and mass flow meters is fully RoHS compliant and is an excellent choice for measurement and control of many common gases