Process Control

Featured Equipment
Leddartech's unique LED-based sensing modules are easy to integrate into any system. They can be used for countless applications, including the Internet of Things, thanks to their adaptibility and the available range of different form factors and beam options.
Other Equipment
The Atrato flowmeter range was developed by Titan Enterprises after investing eight years of research and development along with the Department of Process & Engineering at Cranfield University, to compete with traditional flowmeters.
The PRESTO® W92 from Jubalo is a powerful temperature control system that operates between the temperature range of -92°C and 250°C.
The expertise of Harper International in advanced thermal processing design helps them offer the latest fully integrated production lines for carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber and metal oxide materials.
The PCS100 AVC-40 Active Voltage Conditioner from ABB is specifically designed for correcting voltage sags in large commercial and industrial applications. With a proven and dependable converter platform, the PCS100 AVC-40 ensures instant surge and voltage sag correction, thereby increasing productivity.
Harper pioneered the Microline concept based on the flexibility to change and modify for the needs of customers in research and development of advanced fiber processing techniques.
The TALYS- ASP300 is a wet bath monitoring analyzer which is designed for use in semiconductor industry. It is also suitable for monitoring a wet etching, cleaning, and PR removal bath.
The GH extrusion control and GH-M extruder rate monitor units match the extruder throughput, track material usage, and can control extruder output with the optional control system.
TA Instruments offers the FOX 314 heat flow meter that is designed for measuring thermal conductivity according to ASTM C518 and ISO 8301. It is an easy-to-use device that operates in standalone or PC-controlled configurations, thus providing quick and accurate results.
The MicroLab 40 all-in-one, automated lubricant analysis system from Spectro Scientific, is designed to perform diagnostic analysis of gear box, generator, transmission fluids, power steering and hydraulics.
The 900 series flowmeter is a high performance tool with six flow ranges from 0.05 to 15L per minute. The materials used to construct the flowmeter enable it to handle metering of strong chemicals, including ultrapure water.
Spectro offers an advanced handheld infrared oil analyzer called FluidScan Q1100. This device can be used for measuring lubricant condition and also eliminates lubricant mix-up.
The FOX-IQ XRF system performs fully automated online analysis for 100% high-volume process control. X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a proven analytical technique commonly used to quickly and non-detructively verify alloy grade and chemistry.
Alicat has launched the MCD Series bidirectional mass flow controllers that control flows into a process in one direction and then change directions.
Alicat has developed the MB series portable mass flow meter that serves as a perfect tool for confirming flow rates in remote places.
The Portable Calibration Unit (PCU) available from Alicat was designed as a portable, self contained secondary calibration standard for ease of use and transport.
Leddar™ Sensor Evaluation Kit from LeddarTech is a complete Leddar™ sensor enabling developers and integrators to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of Leddar™ Technology in their different detection and ranging applications.
The 1510A Precision Signal Source generator available from MTI Instruments is a compact and portable device and includes dual-channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) that creates high precision signals over a wide frequency and amplitude range.
Patented Leddar™ technology is at the heart of the IS16 Industrial Leddar™ Sensor developed to detect, locate and measure all types of objects either solid or liquid.
The i-Gastra 7100 gas permeability tester from Labthink is designed to analyze gas transmission rate of high barrier materials, aluminum foils, sheeting and films.
The Spectroil M/C-W is a compact, rugged, transportable and easy to use optical spectrometer designed specifically for wear particle analysis, contaminants and additives in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and coolants.
The Spectroil Q100 uses the same technology and design concepts that Spectro has successfully applied over the years to the Spectroil M family of spectrometers. It is the next step in design and performance utilizing the most up-to-date solid-state electronics and optical systems. Spectroil Q100 also fulfills the requirements of ASTM D6595 Standard Method for Determination of Wear Metals and Contaminants in Used Lubricating Oils or Hydraulic Fluids by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.
The Metra-count is capable of computing and displaying totals from flowmeters or machinery with pulse or frequency outputs. The tool can display re-settable total and an accumulated total in engineering units as programmed by a user.
The FlexScan-3D Modular System from Cambridge Technology is designed for scanning applications requiring superior 3D processing speed, accuracy, and large field in a compact configuration with industry standard interfaces.
SpectroTrack Information Management System (IMS) is an optimized system for laboratories specializing in used lubricant analysis for machine condition monitoring. The browser-based system is an ideal tool to access historical and trend information about high-value assets of organizations.
The FlexScan-3D Enclosed System from Cambridge Technology is a compact, low-cost enclosure designed for scanning procedures requiring 3D processing speed and excellent large field.
The BinMaster flow detection system has a FDC1000 control console and a FDS1000 remote sensor probe.
ABB’s CoriolisMaster FCB330 and FCB350 are compact Coriolis flowmeters that include a number of features, such as high capacity, low pressure drop, intuitive display, and a range of digital and analog outputs with HART communication.
This new control unit integrates a limit control and a process control in a space saving design to maximize bench space. The process control displays both the set-point and process temperature and uses the most modern control technology for high temperature stability.
The new PRESTO A40 temperature control system has highly accurate temperature control and quick temperature changes suitable for testing different kinds of substances or temperature simulation.
ABB’s PCS100 RPC is an instrument designed to enhance power quality in commercial and industrial electrical installations in numerous industries.
The PCS100 SFC is designed to allow a 60Hz powered equipment to be connected to a 50Hz supply network and a 50Hz powered equipment to be connected to a 60Hz supply network.
Alicat’s PCD dual-valve pressure controller is a fast, precise and repeatable pressure control instrument specifically designed for closed volumes.
Cambridge Technology offers ProSeries II Scan Heads, a new range of high performance, low noise scan heads that deliver low drift and excellent accuracy.
The PCS100 medium voltage UPS from ABB is a complete power protection solution designed for use in any high powered industry from large manufacturing facilities to data centers.
Rigaku's NEX XT is an advanced process gauge for high-level total sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, including residuums.
The Lightning XP Digital Scan Heads from Cambridge Technology are high performance scan heads with an advanced state space digital servo technology. They have self- tuning capabilities that ensure operation with greater efficiency.
The melt pressure systems engineered and supplied by Pyrosales are designed to measure, control and supervise the temperatures and pressures associated with plastics extrusion. Pyrosales can assist you in implementing a complete temperature and melt pressure control system, or supply individual components to improve your extrusion process.
The PCS100 UPS-I supplied by ABB is a high performance UPS system that protects electronic equipment from power quality events and ensures a continuous supply of power to industrial processes. It has a seamless power supply which prevents downtime.
The new Vega Isokinetic Sampling (VIS) is a compact multiphase flowmeter delivers high performance. The device is customized for wet gas applications, but can also offer excellent precision in complicated operating areas.
Fluidscan Q1000 from Spectro Inc. is the outcome of extensive research and development of the company to provide an on-site lubricant analysis capability to its customers.
ABB’s PCS100 AVC-20 is an advanced power protection solution, which has been specifically developed for commercial and industrial environments where an unreliable utility voltage or network voltage can impact productivity.
The FT2 Hall effect detection turbine flow meters are multi-range radial flow turbine meters. They use a low inertia turbine supported on strong sapphire bearings, in a chemically-resistant housing. Separate traceable calibration ensures that these meters are highly flexible.
The Spectro-Visc is a fast, accurate, and cost effective instrument for the determinationn of kinematic viscosity in used oils and other fluids. The Spectro-Visc is a bench-top semi-automatic kinematic temperature bath viscometer optimized for the analysis of used and new lubricants. It conforms to the requirements in ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104. It is also the ideal system for used oil analysis laboratories that need to test a wide range of lubricant viscosities.
Metrohm offers the 2035 Process Analyzer in three basic configurations to perform thermometric, photometric and potentiometric titrations.
ABB’s FEP300 ProcessMaster is an advanced electromagnetic flowmeter that provides the widest range of liners, electrodes and sizes to address the most challenging process applications in a range of industries, such as pulp and paper, power, oil and gas, chemical, and metals and mining.
The Focus 2.0 Optical Flow Meter available from Photon Control is widely used by oil and gas companies across the globe to monitor and measure the flow of flare gases in oil production.
Titan’s oval gear flowmeters offer high performance and low cost of ownership. These meters can be used to measure both simple water-like products and lubricating fluids.
Alicat has developed the Whisper series mass flow meters and controller that are suitable for low pressure drop applications.
The MATRIX-MF is a new addition to the established MATRIX series product line which exploits the information-rich mid-IR spectral region both for research and process applications.
PROMEX IL provides users with 100 % control of profile geometry during production. The PROMEX IL is the perfect solution for lines that produce at high speed and/or automated packing where manual control is hardly feasible. It is positioned after the saw. An intelligent camera checks profile contours on completeness respectively on conformity to set dimensions.
The 800 series flowmeter provides superior performance with 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15L per minute. The non-metallic wetted parts of the flowmeter make it a suitable option to handle the metering of strong chemicals including ultra-pure water.
WSF can provide everything from completely automated, micro-processor based controls to fixed electro-mechanical systems. WSFcan provide single-source responsibility for complete turn-key Autoclave, Process Control, and Material Handling Systems.
The FlexScan-3D Modular Systems available from Cambridge Technology are integrated 3-Axis solutions designed for scanning applications where 3D processing speed, precision, and large field are required in a compact architecture with industry-standard interfaces.