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Atomic force microscopes (AFM) are extremely high-resolution scanning probe microscopes, with demonstrated resolution of fractions of a nanometer, more than 1000 times better than the optical diffraction limit.

Applications of AFM and other types of scanning probe microscopy continue to grow rapidly in number and include biological materials (e.g., studying DNA structure), polymeric materials (e.g., studying morphology, mechanical response, and thermal transitions), and semiconductors (e.g., detecting defects). In particular, AFM can be utilized to evaluate the surface quality of products such as contact lenses, optical components (mirrors, beamsplitters, etc.), and semiconductor wafers after various cleaning, etching, or other manufacturing processes.

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The MFP-3D Origin™ combines affordability and performance in the Asylum Research MFP-3D™ AFM family.
Regardless of sample size, the Keysight 5600LS large-stage AFM is ready to deliver high-resolution results. The versatile 5600LS is the world's only commercially available AFM that allows imaging of both large samples (in air) and small samples (in air, or in liquid under temperature control) with an AFM & STM scanner.
Vision64 Map™ data analysis and reporting software has been built based on Digital Surf’s industry-leading Mountains® Technology. It is a complete extension to Bruker’s Vision64® instrument control and analysis software.
VITA technology adds high resolution nanoscale thermal characterization capabilities to Bruker's Dimension® Icon® AFM, Dimension Edge AFM, and MultiMode® 8 SPM.
Bruker’s Dimension FastScan Pro system uses an open-access platform, large or several sample holders, and many user-friendly features to offer highly flexible and high performance nanoscale metrology solution for industrial FA, QC, and QA applications.
The combined Raman/ atomic force microscope (AFM) system is ideal for characterization of material properties at sub-micrometre, and potentially nanometre scales.
The XE15 atomic force microscope available from Park Systems comes with a number of exclusive features, making it suitable for researchers performing multi variant experiments, shared labs handling a wide range of samples, and failure analysis engineers working on wafers.
The NaniteAFM scan head has a small footprint, which makes the NaniteAFM the most appropriate atomic force microscope to integrate into automated industrial environments.
NT-MDT has introduced NEXT, an advanced atomic force microscope that allows multiple AFM and STM capabilities and delivers unparalleled performance.
The MFP-3D-BIO offers excellent sensitivity and highly accurate images and measurements possible on an inverted optical platform.
Asylum’s MFP Nanoindenter is a true instrumented indenter and is the first AFM-based indenter not using cantilevers as part of the indenting mechanism.
NT-MDT offers SPECTRUM, a fully automated AFM- Raman-SNOM system that combines AFM with multiple optical techniques such as TERS, SNOM and confocal Raman/fluorescence microscopy.
The ESPM 3D is a specialized atomic force microscope designed for biological, material science and nanoscience applications. Its design allows for stand alone applications as well as easy intregation with other instruments such as confocal microscopes, spectral confocal microscopes, inverted optical microscopes, laser traps and other optical instruments. In addition, our scientists can help you to custom integrate or design a scanning probe microscope system that is specific to your application or group, saving you precious time and resources.
The Solver NANO atomic force microscope supplied by NT-MDT is specifically designed for research and education purposes.
Nanosurf offers NaioAFM, an all-in-one atomic force microscope that is specifically designed for small sample measurements and nanoeducation. The high-performance AFM system is easy to handle and affordably-priced.
The Hitachi AFM5100N is a general-purpose atomic force microscope (AFM) integrated with a high-resolution sensor lever for manual operation. Unlike traditional models, the internal sensor lever of the AFM is large and easy to install and operate.
The Inspire™ AFM-based IR nanocharacterization system developed by Bruker allows highest resolution nanoscale chemical and properties mapping with exceptional AFM performance.
The Keysight 5500 AFM offers numerous unique features, such as patented top-down scanning and unrivaled environmental and temperature control, while providing maximum flexibility and modularity. The universal microscope base permits easy integration with an environmental chamber or an inverted optical microscope. Sample preparation is made easy with Keysight Technologies’ unique sample plates, which have been designed for many different applications, including imaging in fluids.
NTEGRA Prima is capable of performing more than 40 measuring methods, what allows analyzing physical and chemical properties of the surface with high precision and resolution. It is possible to carry out experiments in air, as well as in liquids and in controlled environment. The new generation electronics provides operations in high-frequency (up to 5MHz) modes. This feature appears to be principal for the work with high-frequency AFM modes and using high-frequency cantilevers.
AFSEM™ is an atomic force microscope (AFM) developed by GETec Microscopy. The equipment’s design allows it to be integrated into SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscopes.
Now, Asylum Research introduces the Cypher ES™, which adds full environmental control to the Cypher family.
Designed to deliver an SPM platform which can grow and adapt to changing research needs, the Ambios Q-ScopeTM delivers long-term value as well as excellent imaging performance and high resolution measurements. Our modular approach to building your system minimizes cost, offers maximum flexibility, and allows custom configurations for special applications. Electronic control signal levels are available to all users via back-panel BNC access.
The Bruker Innova Atomic Force Microscope offers a wide range of functionality for the physical, life, and material science industries.
Scientists carry out successful research in the field of Life Science using professional tools capable of instantly providing the required information, regardless of all of the other tasks that need to be executed.
For successful research, scientists rely on professional tools that can quickly provide the required information, regardless of the tasks at hand.
Park XE7 is an advanced yet affordable research-grade atomic force microscope that comes with a variety of unique features. It allows flexible sample handling and enables users to conduct research on time and within budget.
Nanosurf offers FluidFM, a powerful and advanced FluidFM Probe Microscope that combines AFM and nanofluidics.
NT-MDT has introduced an advanced scanning probe microscope called NTEGRA Aura. The instrument is particularly designed for carrying out research in external magnetic fields, low vacuum, and controlled environment conditions.
The Dimension® Icon® Atomic Force Microscope with ScanAsyst™ brings new levels of performance, functionality, and AFM accessibility to nanoscale researchers in science and industry. Building upon the world's most utilized large-sample AFM platform, the latest Dimension system is the culmination of decades of technological innovation, customer feedback and industry-leading application flexibility.
The LensAFM from Nanosurf is a powerful add-on to optical microscopes or 3D profilometers.
The XE-Bio is an innovative yet user-friendly Atomic Force Microscope designed specifically for biomedical and other advanced life science research. The modular design of the XE-Bio provides the user with a wide array of imaging modes including the revolutionary Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) module.
The MFP-3D Infinity AFM available from Asylum Research is the latest and most advanced atomic force microscope in the MFP-3D series.
In addition to their standard products for research, industry and nanoeducation, Nanosurf offers a unique service that represents their philosophy of being an efficient, full-range AFM solution provider, focusing on designing and creating custom-built AFM systems, parts, and stages.
NT-MDT offers a fully automated atomic force microscope called LIFE. Integrated with inverted light microscope, the instrument can be used in medical, biology, food and pharmaceutical research.
The Cypher AFM/SPM from Asylum Research is the first totally new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade. The all new design gives the Cypher increased capabilities, more control, more functionality, more modularity, and more resolution – all with striking ease of use.
The alpha300 A integrates an AFM system with a scientific grade optical microscope for superior optical access and high-resolution sample survey. The inclusion of a special AFM objective allows simultaneous cantilever and sample observation, which provides precise cantilever positioning and rapid alignment. The user-friendliness and versatility of this composite system can benefit an enormous variety of scientific endeavors.
NT-MDT’s NTEGRA Spectra combines the full power of confocal Raman and fluorescence microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and scanning near-field optical microscopy in a single instrument.
Park Systems offers the NX10 atomic force microscope that is specifically designed for nanotechnology research. The system generates data which users can reproduce and publish at high nano resolution.
The NX20 atomic force microscope (AFM) available from Park Systems is a highly accurate instrument designed for the hard disk and semiconductor industry.
APE Research's TriA-SNOM microscope is capable of collecting optical signals in reflection, transmission and back-reflection modes. The instrument is suitable for surface science, optics and biological applications. Tri-SNOM is a microscope that allows the acquisition of three different and simultaneous optical signals, in addition to the topography of the sample.
Anasys’ nanoIR2 AFM-based IR spectrometer is a powerful, full featured AFM that expands nanoscale IR to a wide range of real world samples.
WITec's new True Surface Microscopy option (patent pending) allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography. Confocal microscopy is often desirable due to its suppression of out-of-focus light but can be challenging when analyzing large or rough surfaces. In these cases, only those points that are in focus contribute to the image.
NT-MDT’s Titanium is an advanced atomic force microscope (AFM) that comes with the new Revolution cartridge with multi-probe technology for automatic replacement of cantilevers. Cantilever exchange makes system adjustment fast and easy for users.
Bruker’s Dimension Icon AFM (atomic force microscope) offers excellent resolution, reliability and productivity, whilst maintaining the highest level of expandability.
The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), has been the instrument of choice for three dimensional measurements at the nanometer scale.
The WITec alpha500 is the first instrument on the market to combine Confocal Raman Microscopy for 3-D Chemical Imaging and Atomic Force Microscopy for high resolution structural imaging in an automated system.
NT-MDT offers a universal fully automated desktop atomic force microscope (AFM) called OPEN. Integrated with PX Ultra controller, the instrument provides a wide range of AFM measuring methods.
Bruker’s BioScope Resolve™ is an advanced atomic force microscope that features high resolution biological imaging and complete cell mechanics capabilities for use with inverted optical microscopes.
Hitachi’s AFM5300E is an environmentally-controlled atomic force microscope (AFM) that allows observations under different conditions and enables surface measurements in liquid, air, or under vacuum environment.