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Impact tests are designed to measure the resistance to failure of a material to a suddenly applied force. The test measures the impact energy, or the energy absorbed prior to fracture. The most common methods of measuring impact energy are the:

  • Charpy Test
  • Izod Test

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Featured Equipment
The Instron CEAST 9340 is a floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.30 - 405 J (0.22 - 299 ft-lb) of energy. The standard model includes basic instrumentation and a conveniently mounted machine controller that enables the operator to run the tower and collect basic data.
Other Equipment
The i-Freeball 5100 falling dart impact tester launched by Labthink is a device used for evaluating the material’s impact resistance by ball or free falling dart method.
Mecmesin range of twin column, high capacity top load testers offer the ideal solution for testing large heavy samples.
The IM10T-30 drop weight impact tester from Imatek features impact energy up to 900J requiring a floor-to-ceiling height of 5.5m (5kg to 30kg impact mass at 1.0m/s to 7.7m/s impact velocity)
Instron introduces the MPX Series of motorized pendulum impact testers ideal for testing metals to Charpy and Izod standards.
Innovative design and high manufacturing quality and are basic characteristics of the new HIT pendulum impact testers. They are used for the determination of the impact resistance on plastics and other materials up to 5.5 Joules (4 ft lbf), up to 25 Joules (18.45 ft lbf) or up to 50 Joule (36.90 ft lbf).
Tinius Olsen manufactures pendulum impact testers that can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration. These testers are available in capacities of 406 J (300 in.lbf) or 542 J (400 in.lbf) of available energy and are designed primarily for metals impact testing.
The DWT100-42 drop weight tear trester from Imatek features impact energy up to 103,000J requiring a floor-to-ceiling height of 7.5m (1000kg to 2500kg impact mass at 4.5m/s to 9.0m/s impact velocity)
The MPM Charpy/Izod 9000 Series impact test machines can be used with pendulums in the 100 ft-lb to 700 ft-lb energy capacity range. Since the machine frame has been designed for up to 700 ft-lbs, any lower capacity can be accommodated. Therefore, you can upgrade your machine capacity later by purchasing a higher capacity pendulum without the need to buy an entire test machine. MPM will provide the test machine with the customer-specified energy capacity at the time of purchase.
The 5kN top-load testing model offers an economic solution for top-load testing on a variety samples.
The pendulum impact tester PSW 750 can be used for tests on metals to Charpy and impact tensile tests to all commonly used DIN, EN, ASTM, ISO and BS Standards.
The high-speed option is available for any of the Imatek range of impact testers, to greatly enhance understanding of the behaviour of a specimen as it undergoes an impact. Imatek offer a fully integrated system under the control of the ImpAcqt software. This is used to both control the camera and analyse the resulting video sequence.
The CEAST 9050 impact pendulum is designed for determining the resilience of thermoplastic materials to impact. Tests conform to internationally recognized standards belonging to Charpy, Izod, Pipe and Tensile Impact methods, ranging in energy from 0.5 - 50J. Plastics, composites and metals can be tested using various configurations of the 9050 pendulum.
The HIT230F Drop Weight Tester from Zwick is designed for multiaxial impact tests on plastics to ISO 6603-2, ASTM D 3763, ASTM D 3029 (Method B) at room temperature and in expanded temperature ranges and for pre-damaging composite plates for standard aerospace industry CAI (compression after impact) tests to Airbus AITM 1- 0010 /6-2005, Boeing 7260.