Using the Spectrum Two Polymer Analysis System for Polymer Analysis

PerkinElmer’s Spectrum Two™ IR spectrometer provides fast and simple analysis of polymers. The instrument can be used and maintained easily. A Polymer Application Pack coupled with user-friendly design features allows even novice users to operate the system.

Faster Testing Implementation

Efficient use of resources and time is very important in the current competitive polymer market. Users can quickly set up the Spectrum Two spectrometer to deliver the required answer much faster. Features of the Spectrum Two instrument:

  • Systems can go live instantly using ‘out the box polymer reference library’.
  • SOP development is made fast and simple with the polymer analysis guide.
  • User-install capability enables users to set up the instrument anywhere, anyplace.
  • Novice users can utilize the Spectrum Two Introductory Kit to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of IR measurements and troubleshoot standard sampling problems.
  • A range of on-site training services have been customized to suit laboratory-specific needs, including an introduction to the Spectrum Two IR spectrometer.

Effortless Analysis

Anyone can use the Spectrum Two IR spectrometer (Figure 1), regardless of their experience level. Operators without a sound technical or scientific knowledge can easily and reliably evaluate raw materials or end products with complete confidence.

Spectrum Two IR spectrometer

Figure 1. Spectrum Two IR spectrometer

Some of the additional benefits of the Spectrum Two are as follows:

  • Rugged and contemporary ATR sampling reduces sample preparation time and sampling inaccuracies, which ultimately reduce analysis rework time.
  • Scanalyze™ technology provides user-specified answer in just a single step, and thus, simplifies and speeds up operation.
  • Software can be easily configured and makes it possible to perform complicated analyses simply at the push of a button

Reduced Cost of Ownership

The polymer industry gives precedence to reduce instrument downtime. Integrated with novel technologies, the Spectrum Two provides users with maximum return on investment. Patented OpticsGuard™ technology in the instrument offers a special humidity shield that protects it against environmental effects. The solid-state laser together with advanced Dynascan™ interferometer enables consistent operation and minimizes technical support calls. Durable desiccant reduces maintenance issues. In addition, the exclusive hot-spot stabilized source not only extends the source lifespan, but also improves the measurement stability.

IR Ready to Go

The Spectrum Two™ is a rugged, compact, and battery powered IR spectrometer that provides precise and reliable answers in non-standard settings. The instrument is light in weight and easily portable, thus allowing users to get the required results from anywhere.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by PerkinElmer.

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