Advanced and Performance Composites Selector Guide

Toray Advanced Composites participates in applications ranging from satellites and aircraft to energy and transportation. The next time you have a need to reduce weight, improve strength or cut cycle time, call Toray. Our technical support, customer service, and products are second to none!

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  • Out of autoclave prepregs
  • Fire retardant interior materials
  • Thermoplastic prepregs
  • Compression-molded parts
  • Low dielectric radome materials
  • High-temperature materials
  • Tooling prepregs


Applications of Advanced Composites

Royal Toray is a leading developer and producer of specialty materials ranging from ballistic armor protection, advanced composites and protective fabrics to synthetic turf and geosynthetics. Royal Toray, a company with a rich 300+ year history, employs over 4,300 personnel in 29 countries and has annual sales in excess of $1.1 billion. Four prepreg divisions of Toray Advanced Composites (TCAC) are located in North America and two in Europe. Toray’s aerospace facilities meet the ISO9001 and AS9100 standards. Some of the segments powered by high-performance prepregs from Toray include satellite and space structure; UAV programs; orthotics; medical; commercial and military aircraft; helicopters and general aviation; industrial applications; energy radomes; compression molded parts; aircraft interiors; transportation; electronics and composite tooling.

Toray offers a comprehensive range of composite products, including:

  • Thermoset-resin based prepregs using epoxy, cyanate ester, BMI, and high-temperature polyimides
  • "Out-of-autoclave" capable thermoset prepregs for launch structure and aircraft
  • Thermoplastic-resin based prepregs in fabric, laminate, and uni tape forms with a variety of resins
  • Chopped fiber bulk molding compounds with both thermoplastic and thermoset resins
  • Resin films, syntactic pastes/films, paste adhesives, surfacing films, and RTM resins
  • Compression molding tool design and full-scale part fabrication capabilities
  • Tooling prepregs in both epoxy and high-temperature BMI form

Prepreg Technology

Toray has years of experience and expertise in developing thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs using cyanate esters, BMIs, epoxy resins, and polyimides. These thermoset products are used in various industrial and high-end aerospace applications. Precision film prepregging technology is used for controlling the resin content of the thermoset prepregs. Advanced thermoset manufacturing techniques in the aerospace industry such as highly automated fiber placement (AFP) and tape laying (ATL) demand better fiber areal weight control and resin content. Toray has also developed internal thermoplastic and thermoset slitting capabilities, especially for ATL applications.

Recent Investments

Over the last five years, investments have been made in North America and Europe to add thermoplastic and thermoset capacity and capabilities. We now have the world's largest portfolio of thermoplastic prepregs for the aerospace and industrial industries with leading thermoset technology in composite materials for radomes, satellites, tooling, out of the autoclave, and the aircraft interiors market. Toray is also credited with leading thermoset technology used in making composite materials for the satellites, radomes, out of autoclave, tooling, and aircraft interiors market. Toray has thermoset and thermoplastic prepreg facilities in both Europe and North America to support each region. No application is too big or small for Toray to support.

The CCS Composites produced by Toray are used for the design, fabrication, and the complete manufacture of compression molded parts. These composites provide unmatched design and fabrication capabilities for various applications ranging from thermosets to high volume thermoplastics, enabling significant cost savings and weight reduction, compared to the conventional metal of composite solutions.

This Brochure Describes

  • Thermoplastic and Thermoset Composites – Aerostructures
  • High-Reliability Structural Materials – Space/Satelite/Launch Vehicles
  • Competitive-Edge Components – Radomes
  • Fire Retardant Structural Materials – Interiors
  • Toray Composite Tooling
  • Lightweight Composite Part, Design & Fabrication
  • Toray Chopped Composites for Use in Compression Molding
  • Thermally Stable Materials
  • Toray Core Materials
  • Lightweight High Strength Composites for Industrial Applications
  • Innovation – Recent Product Introductions


TenCate Advanced Composites

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Toray Advanced Composites.

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