Cost Effective Quality Control for Paper and Pulp

Offering consistent product quality is crucial for paper and pulp producers in order to ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, in order to stay competitive, improved efficiency along with cost reduction is vital. Metrohm NIR solutions provide customers easier and faster quality control, from wood property assessment to quality control of intermediates to the final product.

In wood processing and pulp and paper manufacturing, insight about wood characteristics and monitoring of production steps are important to ensure optimal utilization of raw materials and also to guarantee product quality. For process monitoring and quality control throughout the manufacturing cycle, a reliable and cost-effective measuring system is required that immediately provides results for key analytical parameters.

NIR solutions for rapid and reliable routine quality control of pulp, liquor, wood and paper products are now provided by Metrohm. NIRS does not require chemicals for analysis and can be directly applied in the quality control process. Reliable results of key physical and chemical properties are obtained in a fraction of seconds.

Metrohm NIR Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry Means...

  • No Environmental Impact: Solvent free analysis
  • Straightforward operation: Minimum or no sample preparation, analyzer can be operated by anyone
  • Cost savings: No reagents or chemicals required, hence no costs for waste disposal
  • Time savings: Multiple chemical and physical parameters are simultaneously determined in a few seconds

Raw Material

Examples of NIR Application

  • Bulk density
  • Moisture
  • Wood properties in genetic improvement program

Offline (in the laboratory), atline

Metrohm offers a complete range of NIRS analyzers for inline, atline, offline or online use. The analyzers are operated by the proven, intuitive Vision Air software, allowing even untrained users with minimum expertise to successfully carry out the analysis with just a few mouse clicks. A single measurement provides the results of multiple parameters and these are displayed simultaneously.

Multi-parameter analysis of pulp sheet from a single measurement as displayed by Vision Air Software

Pulping and Bleaching

Examples of NIR Application

  • Lignin content
  • Kappa number
  • Cellulose content
  • Resin content Pulp
  • Freeness breaking
  • Strength Buckling
  • Strength Tensile
  • Strength
  • Applied density
  • Liquor
  • Tall oil

Atline, online, inline

Paper Making

Examples of NIR Application

  • Moisture content
  • Paper grammage and thickness
  • Silicone Levels
  • Hardwood/softwood ratio

Offline (in the laboratory), atline, inline

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Metrohm AG.

For more information on this source, please visit Metrohm AG.


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