Large Pixel Handheld Spectrometers – A Guide to the Next Generation

Avantes is redefining miniature spectrometers with the next-generation of AvaSpec-Mini spectroscopy instruments. The AvaSpec-Mini is known for packing the power of a full-size spectrometer into a package roughly the size of a deck of cards. It has long been the preferred choice for use in applications where small size cannot sacrifice results, including hand-held OEM integrations.

AvaSpec-Mini spectroscopy instruments

Known for Results

The AvaSpec-Mini2048 and AvaSpec-Mini2048L are popular and reliable large pixel spectrometers that cover the wavelength range between 200 and 1100 nm. They include the Sony CCD linear array 2048 pixel and 2048 large pixel detectors, respectively, with a possible resolution to 0.1 nm. These popular spectrometers have been extensively adopted for applications across a wide range of industries.

However, the photonics market is slowly moving from CCD detectors and embracing latest developments in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Although the AvaSpec-Mini2048L and AvaSpec-Mini2048 spectrometers continue to be available for the time being, there are unquestionable benefits to embracing the future of spectroscopy.

The Future is CMOS

The photonics industry was dominated by charge-coupled device (CCD) detectors for almost 20 years. However, some popular front illuminated CCD detectors have been made obsolete by several leading manufacturers which ultimately accelerated the pace for alternative developments. In the past few years, new developments in CMOS have seen this technology develop into a better replacement for CCD.

One major benefit of CMOS detectors integrated into the new line of AvaSpec-Mini-CLs lies in integration time – reducing integration times from 1-2 ms to 20 μs and thus better supporting high-speed applications. In addition, CMOS detector delivers a native response in the UV (no detector coating needed) between 200 and 400 nm and also provides excellent response in the NIR above 900 nm. It even eliminates the smearing and blooming that affects conventional CCD detectors.

Innovative Manufacturing

The leading-edge AvaSpec-Minis, such as the AVASpec-4096CL and the AvaSpec-2048CL, represent Avantes’ commitment to advancing technology by integrating the most sophisticated electronics and detectors available. Now, these instruments also represent the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques available. Avantes starts deployment of automated optical alignment tooling with the AvaSpec-Mini spectrometer. The use of computerized optical alignment and automated processes guarantees seamless alignment of optical components, improved thermal stability, and unit-to-unit reproducibility that is already being demanded by original equipment manufacturers.

Versatility and Value

The Avantes CompactLine of AvaSpec-Mini spectrometers has been trusted and respected for years. Now with a new range of next-generation miniaturized spectroscopy instruments, Avantes leads the way into the future of spectroscopy.

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