Steels with a High Yield

Pressure Vessel Steels' high yield steels are designed to work under extreme load stresses, from steel structures, to heavy transporters and mobile cranes. These types of steels are also supplied as special offshore grades to the offshore industry.

high yield steels

Pressure Vessel Steels' structural grade material offers maximum strength (a minimum tensile strength of up to 1300 MPa), with good bending and welding properties.

Increasing Demand for High Yield Steels

High tensile steel is a technology that is constantly evolving and has increasing demands for lower weights and higher yield. The crane and lifting industry is one of the markets which is driving this technology forward and consequently, some of Masteel’s steels have only become available on the market in the last two years.

High Yield Steels - A Cost-Effective Solution

High yield steel is a highly economical solution - for instance, it will completely resolve the issues as a result of 'over-engineered' design projects since it will decrease the volume of steel material required while maintaining quality and of course, safety. In the case of steel framed buildings, such design simplifications and cost reductions are indeed advantageous.

Supply of High Yield Steels

The material can be supplied as fabricated sheets or sections and heavy plates. Pressure Vessel Steels (UK) Limited can supply high yield steel from stock on a global basis. The suitability should be carefully checked when selecting high yield structural steel.

Pressure Vessel Steels (UK) Ltd

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