Tradeshow Talks with Magritek - analytica 2018

Tradeshow Talks with MagritekHall A2, Booth 525

Tell us about the company and why you are attending analytica 2018?

Magritek manufactures Benchtop NMR Spectrometers which for the first time enables chemists to have NMR spectroscopy in their chemistry lab. The quality of NMR data from our Spinsolve Spectrometers is exceptional and in many cases is more than enough for a routine or synthetic chemists to get the answer they are looking for. Our top of the line model is an 80 MHz Carbon spectrometer which can measure proton, fluorine and carbon NMR spectra and includes powerful 2D carbon methods. At Analytica we want to introduce chemists from every industry to this exciting new analytical instrument and the potential for them to easily run NMR themselves.

What products are you highlighting at analytica 2018?

We will be highlighting the Spinsolve 80 Carbon and the Spinsolve 60 ULTRA spectrometers at Analytica.  To show how robust our spectrometers are we will have a live, operating Spinsolve at our booth. People who are attending Analytica can  come to our booth and run the NMR spectrometer themselves. This way they will see not only the exceptional results you can acquire from Spinsolve, but also just how easy and simple it is to operate.  

Image of Spinsolve 80 Image

What makes this product different from anything else on the market?

The advantage that makes the Spinsolve unique is the high homogeneity of its magnet, which allows us to deliver the highest resolution and sensitivity  than any benchtop NMR Spectrometer available in the market. We invite customers to measure a sample side by side to see just how exceptional the performance of Spinsolve is.  The Spinsolve spectrometer can be placed on a typical workbench in a chemistry lab and has no special siting requirements.  There is no stray magnet field and no special safety considerations are required.

Which industries will benefit from this product?

Any industry that currently uses NMR spectroscopy could benefit from Spinsolve. If you are currently sending out samples to be measured, or you have to go to the basement to make NMR measurements today, you could potentially benefit from having a Spinsolve in your lab. Industries that use NMR today include the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, petrochemical, polymer, food and beverage industries amongst others.



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