Extracting Efficiency from LIMS Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

Modern O&G labs are efficient, highly integrated and data-focused, aiming to make data actionable in close to real-time. To allow labs to operate efficiently, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) is of great importance.

Within the petrochemical industry, LIMS are engaged for a broad range of tasks to uphold global operations. Some of the most frequently employed uses include:

  • Batch & Sample Management
  • Testing Schedules & Sample Monitoring Management
  • Image-Map Hot-Spot Visualization in Facilities
  • Safety Data Sheet Maintenance
  • Instrument Maintenance & Calibration Tracking

Efficient Workflows Differentiate LIMS

Workflows and their efficiency levels have always been the differentiating factor between LIMS platforms. While a LIMS may have been perfectly arranged and adapted to suit one industry, it may not be appropriate for an unrelated industry or use. It is essential that workflows are specific to the relevant sector, thus several out-of-the-box industry LIMS solutions have emerged.

Earlier articles have examined LabVantage’s web-based preconfigured (OOB) LIMS options, which supply economical, quick-launch solutions for a variety of industry processes.

What to Look for in a LIMS for the Petrochemical Industry

An Oil & Gas LIMS should deliver:

  • Global Accessibility.
    Consolidated hosting for global organization and support for hundreds of simultaneous users.
  • Managed Compliance Enforcement.
    The modern petrochemical lab must meet regulatory requirements, substantiating a need for high-sample throughput with audit trails to monitor abnormalities.
  • Fewer Data Transcription Errors.
    For maximum efficiency and accuracy, instruments should deliver results directly to the LIMS, which should eradicate the need to manually gather and cross-reference data from a number of sources, as is often required with paper or Excel-based systems.
  • Greater Efficiency and Lowered Costs.
    Processing facilities should have the option to access real-time laboratory data, leading to ongoing improvement of the production process as well as the reduction or control of production costs.
  • Easy Access to a Plant’s Environmental Testing Compliance.
    Image maps should allow users to visualize and track sample points based on pre-defined tests and specifications, with simple-to-locate hotspots within their facility.

LabVantage Oil & Gas LIMS

LabVantage’s LIMS for Oil & Gas labs is a pre-configured, economical and tailor-made solution for the petrochemical and refining industries. As well as offering effective workflows, it supports labs in ensuring they are compliant with various regulatory requirements, including ISO 17025, GLP, 21 CFR 11, Annex 11, and EPA.

With the support of O&G-specific workflows, companies can:

  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Ensure lower risks
  • Minimize operating costs

The web-based platform is flexible and simple to use, assisting organizations in efficient decision making, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Most significantly, an O&G pre-configured LIMS means there is little need to modify or adapt the system, lowering project costs as well as speeding up implementation time.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by LabVantage Solutions, Inc.

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