Improving Energy Management with the VortexMaster

Established in 1989, Sinochem Sinopec Shanghai Orient Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai Orient Tank Co., Ltd.) is situated in Shanghai’s Pudong District. The enterprise is a Sino-foreign exchange that brings together shares of China Sinopec Group Asset Management Co., China Sinochem Group Holding Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Gangcheng Collective Asset Investment Co., Ltd., predominantly charged with the businesses of storage, allocation, transfer, filling and bonding.

Establishing the company was accomplished over four stages and remodeled by terminal expansion and continually enhancing the automation of systems, an ascendancy that has bolstered the initiative and led to a surge in the company’s influence. Presently in the holding of some 50,000-ton petrochemical terminals that puts the venture in control of 24.465 cubic meters of tank capacity, the company now has one of the most substantial and significant petrochemical warehousing bases situated on the Yangtze River.

Helping Orient Petrochemical Terminal Co. Ltd strengthen energy management and control

Helping Orient Petrochemical Terminal Co. Ltd strengthen energy management and control

Project Requirements

With the necessitation for all instrumentation data to be uploaded to the central control room for management, Orient Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. is constructing a vast information platform. As it stands, customers are forced to make several purchases to acquire a multitude of instruments such as flow computers, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and vortex flowmeters for integrated processing to subsequently calculate and determine the various signals. What this means is that due to the need for so many devices, costs remain high due to long signal response times and increased data risks because of the sheer amount of calculation links.


This is where ABB’s new generation Vortex flowmeter, aka the FSV450, comes into its own as it possesses a variety of effective functions. Equipped with pressure and temperature compensation functions, it can measure steam volume and directly output mass flow. Furthermore, the FSV450 consolidates flow computer performance with integrated RTD unit temperature compensation. The solution of a single Vortex flowmeter merges four technologies; measurement, calculation, compensation, and integration to precisely mitigate 4 to 20 mA pressure signals via an analog input interface.

The key features, specific to the ABB VortexMaster, make it readily compatible with the ABB 266 transmitter, which in turn enables direct output of temperature, pressure, and vapor mass flow to the central control room. All of this from a single Vortex flowmeter provides users with four stable functions in just one unit, which facilitates a progressively stable process while effectively cutting costs for the customer.

The ABB Vortex flowmeter’s high-tech transmitter conforms to IF97 international standards of vapor engineering thermodynamics, delivering accurate and stable vapor measurement meaning the vapor energy flow data can then be further output directly. The FSV450 completely outperformed an international brand of mainstream Vortex flowmeters installed and in operation on this site.

Vortex process

Vortex process

ABB’s newest generation of Vortex flowmeter, VortexMaster, highlights the innovation gene and principle of its measurement products: ‘Measurement Made Easy’. Therefore, ABB is about consistently increasing value and quality for its customers.

  • Outstanding Performance: the current signal processing algorithm developed by the Switzerland Research Institute of ABB provides a distinctive balance sensor with exceptional performance. It can deal with the vibration of pipelines for users and it can also make precise and stable measurements in an effective manner, even when exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Integration of Science and Technology: the Vortex flowmeter comes equipped with a state-of-the-art transmitter. HART and analog input interfaces have been specifically selected for integration to enable easy compensation input for customers. Rigged with the capacity for powerful computing means customers save costs on flow computers since it can make things simple by directly outputting mass and energy flows.

Vortex installation

Vortex installation

Customers’ Evaluation

ABB’s Vortex flowmeter, the FSV450, is functioning to its normal capacity and its high-tech performance capability has played a significant and positive role in optimizing energy management and control for our company.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Measurement & Analytics.

For more information on this source, please visit ABB Measurement & Analytics.


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