Ambient Calibration for Air Quality Monitoring

Monitoring the composition of ambient air is crucial in order to maintain air quality that is suitable for consumption. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) attributes millions of deaths per year to air pollution and inhalation of industrial particulates emitted by vehicles and industrial plants.

Air quality monitoring

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The research that followed this has only served to reinforce the severity of the issue, more closely linking potential health impacts with polluted air. The European Heart Journal estimates that contact with high levels of air pollution has reduced the average life expectancy in Europe by approximately 2.2 years.[1]

The continual analysis of the composition and quality of ambient air makes up the core of environmental studies that consider the cardiovascular impacts of air pollution. It is also necessary to carry out ambient calibration to ensure that enclosed workplaces do not pose a threat to the respiratory health of workers, especially in industrial fields where the background levels of particulates may be higher.

Environics recently investigated the importance of ambient air quality testing in greater detail, exploring the appropriate concentrations of gas and particulate as outlined by the various regulatory bodies. This article will introduce the Environics Series 6100 ambient calibration system for dynamic calibration of ambient air analyzers.

Series 6100: Ambient Calibration

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a multi-pollutant monitoring network known as the National Core (NCORE) in 2006. These sites are located in numerous urban and rural locations across the US with the directive of monitoring ambient air in conjunction with the recently amended regulatory standards.

By monitoring a number of different pollutant species, it is predicted that the NCORE sites will yield rich data for researchers and policymakers that will assist in health assessments, emissions strategy development, and environmental monitoring.

The Environics® Series 6100 is a cutting-edge multi-gas calibration system for ambient air analysis equipment. The Series 6100 is entirely computerized, state-of-the-art, and can perform a suite of dynamic processes to ensure superior precision in the calibration of sensors and control systems with various gases and hydrocarbons of interest.

NCORE ambient calibration can be difficult for existing instruments due to the requirements for extremely low-level ozone (O3) concentrations. The Series 6100 goes beyond this and exceeds the EPA’s requirements for calibrating gas systems directed with monitoring ground-level ozone.

It can be optimized for ozone calibrations on the order of parts per billion (ppb), with both an integrated ozone generator and multiple mass flow controllers to ensure outstanding precision for multi-pollutant calibration of ambient air analyzers.

The Environics® Series 6100 is ideally suited for multi-pollutant ambient calibration of gas sensors in NCORE sites across the US and has earned a reputation for the conduction of low-level ozone calibration.

Ambient Calibration with Environics

Environics is a worldwide leader in computerized gas calibration. They develop and supply an exhaustive range of instruments for ambient calibration, making use of the latest technology to facilitate studies and ongoing monitoring into the quality of the air we breathe.


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