IGAsorp Water and Organic Solvent Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

The IGAsorp from Hiden Isochema is a well- established gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer, widely used in both R&D and QC environments within pharma and other sectors.

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 IGAsorp analyzers are installed at many pharma companies across the full range from multinational bluechip corporations, through mid size development and manufacturing companies, to specialist contract labs. The IGAsorp dynamic vapor sorption analyzer (DVS analyzer) is acknowledged for its reliability and longevity, with instruments up to 20 years old operating on a daily basis. The advanced features of the IGAsorp make it equally popular in academic research environments.

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Key Features

  • Long term weighing stability +/- 1 micrograms
  • Humidity control stability +/- 0.01 %RH
  • Temperature control stability +/- 0.01 °C
  • Sample sizes from 1 mg
  • Quick and easy sample loading
  • Compact footprint (50 cm width)
  • Optional integrated color video microscope
  • Full 3 year warranty

Software Overview

  • State of the art HIsorp software, fully compatible with all Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10 64-bit.
  • Fully automated with complete user control over experiment programs, from standard methods and templates to user defined programs including multi-stage analyses and conditional events.
  • Intelligent accelerated equilibration determination based on projection of measured sorption kinetics: the IGA method.
  • Simple user conformance checks for weight, temperature and humidity verification.
  • Built-in isotherm, kinetic and diffusion analysis routines.
  • Single click export of fully formatted worksheets to Excel.
  • Integrated video quick guides.
  • High Security option for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
  • Automated notification via email or text message on measurement completion.

Throughput Considerations

  • High flow rate, programmable up to 500 ml/min, delivered directly the sample position. This ensures the kinetics studied are not vapor mass transfer limited, and gives the fastest possible analysis times, especially on drying.
  • Intelligent, real-time kinetic trend analysis using the IGA method offers the following benefits:
  1. Kinetic trend data for each humidity or temperature step is analysed and the trend to equilibrium is predicted in real-time. The software uses the resultant predicted equilibrium values to plot the isotherm, not just the current weight value.
    This gives more accurate isotherm values than simple dm/dt or fixed equilibration time methods.
  2. Analysis and prediction of the equilibrium uptake values results in significantly shorter equilibration periods. Required dwell times are determined dynamically from user-defined acceptance criteria applied to experimental data.
    This gives significantly faster measurement durations whilst maintaining the desired measurement accuracy.
  3. The IGA method is applied independently to each humidity or temperature step in the analysis, with fractional uptake values used in the kinetic trend analysis.
    This ensures consistent analysis point to point over the entire method, regardless of the uptake.
  4. Users may define specific minimum and maximum time windows for individual points of the analysis, to allow for more complex behaviour such phase changes, recrystallization and deliquescence.
    This allows intelligent and advanced methods to be developed to suit specific requirements.

Additional Comments: HIsorp Software

The IGAsorp’s HIsorp software is modern and user friendly. It allows all parameters to be programmed by the user for isotherm, cycling, and kinetic studies. The software allows the equilibration time to be determined either using weight rate (dm/dt gradient) criteria, asymptotic end point prediction based on real-time fitting of the sorption kinetic curve, or using user-specified time based criteria. Methods may also be edited whilst measurements are in progress.

Example isotherm experiment programmed to repeat at three temperatures. Image Credit: Hiden Isochema

The software allows quick access to commonly used analysis functions. Multiple worksheets allow rapid visual data view for the full time dependent raw data and isotherm data. Standard worksheet templates are provided and users are also able to create and save their own preferred worksheet templates.

Example data display during experiment: full time dependent data (upper left), and real-time fitting of sorption kinetic (upper right) and equilibrium isotherm plot (lower right). Image Credit: Hiden Isochema

The software includes features to determine the time constant for the measured sorption kinetics, chemical (Fickian) diffusion coefficient from the measured kinetics, and enthalpy (heat) and entropy of sorption.

Data may be exported directly to MS Excel with a single click. All formatting including plot formatting is preserved when the data is exported to Excel. All data is also stored is plain text format and can be accessed during measurements as well as after completion of the measurements. A full audit trail is also available.

Advanced Models

IGAsorp CT        

Features an extended isothermal temperature range to 85 °C, with an unparalleled temperature / humidity window of operation.

IGAsorp XT

Our most advanced DVS analyzer featuring both conventional operating mode, and our unique climate-XT mode, for ultra-high resolution water sorption measurements at low humidity values, plus water sorption at temperatures to 300 °C.

For further details on the IGAsorp series or to request a quotation please contact us directly.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hiden Isochema.

For more information on this source, please visit Hiden Isochema.


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