What is Gas Dilution?

A considerable number of industrial and research applications require gases to be diluted from a high concentration to a range of lower concentrations.

What is Gas Dilution?

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Gas dilution is frequently employed when calibrating gas detectors, sensors, and analyzers. Should gas dilution equipment not sufficiently meet required specifications, the end product may be negatively affected.

It is, therefore, necessary to maintain an appropriate level of understanding of each part of a gas dilution system, as well as being aware of how each part impacts the overall process.

Gas Supply in the Gas Dilution Process

Processors will often mix and dilute gases on-site because of the cost implications of purchasing and storing a variety of customized mixtures from a gas supplier that is able to meet precise specifications.

Only needing to purchase pure gases can reduce costs while allowing the user the option of adjusting constituent concentrations to create a diverse array of mixtures.

Managing Gas Dilution

Dilution systems may utilize any one of a number of technologies. Mass flow controllers are one of the most accurate and popular choices, but when choosing flow controllers and configuring a system for gas dilution, it is vital that users consider the full range of potential gases which may be used, as well as all of the required output dilutions.

Material compatibility is another important consideration in terms of a dilution system’s longevity, while appropriate flow ranges are essential in ensuring the most accurate and largest possible range.

Features such as built-in sensors or alarms can also provide real-time updates, alerting a technician in circumstances where key criteria are met.

Gas Dilution from Environics

Gas dilutors and gas dividers from Environics are able to produce precise gas standards automatically. These standards are ideal for use in rapid, multi-point calibration.

Environics’ range of instruments offers an accuracy of +/- 1% and a repeatability of +/- .05% of setpoint. Each of these features is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

All Environics units are designed to meet individual customers’ needs. Gas dilution systems are customized to ensure material compatibility, the dilution range and the output flow rate required for the application in question.

The Environics® Series 4040 gas dilution system is computerized, allowing it to generate precise standards. The company’s gas diluters or mixers can also be utilized in the creation of gaseous atmosphere or the production of specific gas mixers for production or analytical research.

The Series 4040 gas dilution system is able to generate concentrations ranging between percent to parts per billion levels, making it ideal for applications working with both single and multi-point calibration. Overall, this means that fewer cylinders are required.

The gas dilution system is comprised of the Series 4040 instrument and the user’s personal computer. The system’s user interface is in the form of a Windows-based software package that is able to communicate with the Environics system via RS232, USB, or Bluetooth (when used with a Windows-based, enabled device).


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