Level Measurement with LLT100

The first stages of the sugar manufacturing process are to chop and crush the cane, allowing the juice to later be extracted. Extraction is done using the percolation of water through the shredded cane because it dissolves in an aqueous medium. This process extracts the maximum amount of sucrose from the fibers of the cane.

Level Measurement with LLT100

Sugar cane producer. Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Special tanks called mixers are used for this process. In order to precisely control the can juice levels during the production process, continuous and reliable measurement technology is needed.


It is difficult to measure the level of liquid with an instrument close to the process because the mixture of hot water and sugar creates molasses that is continuously splashing the roof and walls of the tank.

A customer was using an ultrasonic meter for level measurement that was constantly covered with molasses, which interrupted measurement-taking.

The sugar plant operator was frequently running manual measurements to constantly monitor the level of the tank because of the ultrasonic’s unreliable level measurements. This leads the company to search for an accurate and reliable alternate solution to optimize and automate the process.

ABB Solution

This customer approached ABB, who recognized that the customer needed a maintenance-free and reliable measurement.

The LLT100 laser from ABB can handle long range measurements. The narrow laser beam  (<0.3 degrees) is aimed towards a small perforated window in the roof of the mixer from equipment that can be installed on the rail of the upper walkway to the tank.

There is high flexibility with installation because the laser can be installed at any angle. The customer is able to quickly install and configure this level meter, making the instrument ready for use in a short period of time while also saving time.

The customer had incredible results. The measurements taken had accurate values without deviations. The LLT100 laser level transmitter was both a maintenance-free solution and a reliable measurement instrument for the sugar company.

LLT100 installed on rail of upper walkway.

LLT100 installed on rail of upper walkway. Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics 

LLT100 installed at any angle.

LLT100 installed at any angle. Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Narrow laser beam aimed towards small perforated window on the roof of the mixer.

Narrow laser beam aimed towards small perforated window on the roof of the mixer. Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Laser beam can fit through very small aperture (0.3 degree divergence).

Laser beam can fit through very small aperture (0.3 degree divergence). Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics


The customer did not hesitate to choose the LLT100 laser transmitter solution from ABB to replace their previous technology.

Key deciding factors included:

  • Having a cost-effective solution to saving money
  • Achieving accurate and stable measurement values
  • Having measurement technology that is maintenance-free
  • Being able to use a measurement instrument that does not come into contact with the process 

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Measurement & Analytics.

For more information on this source, please visit ABB Measurement & Analytics.


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