XRF Scientific Showcase Fusion Technique in Sample Preparation


During Lab Innovations 2021, AZoNetwork caught up with General Manager, Frédéric Davidts from XRF Scientific Ltd. for a quick chat about the products they were exhibiting and also the challenges they had faced over the last 12-months. 

XRF Scientific is the world leader in the supply of XRF fusion related technology, labware and chemicals. XRF’s technology is used to measure the composition and purity of materials and is mainly applied in industrial quality control and in process control for manufacturing processes in industries such as metals and mining, construction materials, chemicals and petrochemicals.

What brings you to Lab Innovations today?

It’s the 4th time that we have come to this event. We’ve always been able to meet very decent prospects. Our products serve a very niche market and we are usually able to meet those people at this event who would benefit from our products and what we do. 

What are you exhibiting at the event?

XRF Scientific Fusion Sample Preparation

Video Credit: AZoNetwork / XRF Scientific

Our main activity is The Fusion. This machine is made to fuse samples with the flux to prepare the sample to be ready for XRF analysis. It is new and is a monoposition machine, which is very compact and safe. The machine is used to prepare many types of samples using the fusion techniques. Our second machine is an accessory to this. This machine is able to automatically weigh the fusion flux which is used to prepare the fusion glass disk for XRF analysis.

What have been your main marketing challenges over the last 12-months? 

Our main marketing challenge is to meet the right people because our products are very niche. We of course use all the channels available to try and reach our target customers including AZoNetwork, who publish our articles to their refined audiences. The articles help people to understand everything about how we can help them, the product and the level of service that we provide. These channels help us to get a very good number of leads and prospects. 

What about the next 12-months? 

We think the next 12 months look very encouraging. We have new products to launch that we expect to be very successful and we are looking forward to showcasing them to our customers. It is an exciting time. 


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