Fibreglass Floating Docks for Containment Pits / Ponds

Seepage released from Snohomish County, Washington landfill mounds is stored in containment pits wherein it undergoes bacterial treatment followed by agitation until the effluent is purified. It can be then sent back to the surrounding land.



Previously, when it was required to service the aerators, the landfill management employed a crane for the removal of aerators from pits. For this purpose, workers went out in canoes to clasp cable between aerators and the crane. However, this approach was an expensive and time-consuming process and can be harmful to workers.


This maintenance problem can be solved by using two fiberglass floating docks in each seepage pit. Strongwell-Chatfield Division fabricated the 780- square-foot horseshoe shaped docks using DURAGRID fiberglass grating and EXTREN fiberglass structural shapes. Each dock is placed over a styrofoam float. To service the aerators, they are clasped by cable to the docks to pull them into the work area for service by workers.

It is essential for the docks to float in order to accomodate the variation in effluent level. The docks should have the strength to tolerate the stress of wave action and high winds. The service docks also enable workers to take samples and examine effluent. These fiberglass docks demonstrate resistance to the extremely corrosive effluent and need very little maintenance. The floating dock design not only eliminates the crane rental costs but also enables quicker and easier servicing to the aerators.

Technical Data

Product : Fiberglass Floating Docks
Process : Pultrusion
Materials : Fiberglass reinforced polyester, fire retardant
Sizes : DURAGRID T-1800 1" grating
EXTREN Series 525 structural shapes : 2" x 1/4" Square tube handrail; 3/8" Plate; 8" x 3/8" Wide flange beam; 8" x 3/8" Channel
For : Parametrix Design Engineering
User : Snohomish County Landfill

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