Fiberglass Oil Containment Systems – Composolite®

According to the Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure (SPCC) rule from the US Environmental Protection Agency, utilities must take necessary measures to prevent ‘reasonable potential’ of an oil spill reaching navigable water. American Electric Power (AEP) responded to the rule by seeking a novel ecological, affordable and sensible system that would facilitate the utility to meet the requirements of the SPCC rule most efficiently. For this purpose, Strongwell has developed the COMPOSOLITE oil containment system for the utility.

COMPOSOLITE Oil Containment System

COMPOSOLITE Oil Containment System

The COMPOSOLITE oil containment system features COMPOSOLITE structural panels and EXTREN square tube, plate and angle. The lightweight secondary containment system exhibits high strength, low electrical and thermal conductivity, and high resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet. Moreover, the system is easy to install and cost effective. The results of the burn tests performed by a local fire department and observed by AEP personnel demonstrated the fiberglass system’s ability to withstand exposure to direct flame without seeping out any contents.

Advantages of COMPOSOLITE Oil Containment System

Previously, poured-in-place concrete containment systems were used by AEP around its oil-filled substation equipment. The concrete was costly, laborious and very difficult to install in mountainous or remote locations. Moreover, it is not possible to install the concrete containment systems in freezing conditions. AEP also employed earth berm dikes, which made access and maintenance to the equipment difficult.

COMPOSOLITE Oil Containment System

On the other hand, the COMPOSOLITE secondary containment system can be installed within roughly half the man hours required for a concrete system. Moreover, it does not require any special equipment, which, in turn, saves considerable time and cost. The fiberglass system is supplied in a kit form to job locations and incorporates all components required for assembly, including adhesive, drill bits, adhesive applicator and fasteners.

Technical Data

Product: Oil Containment System
Process: Pultrusion, fiberglass fabrication
Materials: COMPOSOLITE® fiberglass reinforced polymer building panel system;
EXTREN® Series 525 fiberglass reinforced polymer angles, plate and square tubes;
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Sizes: EXTREN® shapes:
3" square tubes;
3" and 6" angles;
1/4" Plate;
Various COMPOSOLITE® lengths;
For: American Electric Power


According to Ken Posey, an AEP engineer, the collaboration between AEP and Strongwell on this project is a win-win situation for both companies. The system has gained interest from other utility customers and shows promise to become a benchmark in the utility industry.

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